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Samsung expected to cut down on management, streamline internally

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This hasn’t been a very good year for Samsung. The company quickly climbed to the top of the Android ecosystem, but is now struggling to maintain the same level of sales that it used to. The Samsung Galaxy S5 has not sold particularly well outside of the US, with 50 percent fewer units sold in the first 6 months in China compared to the Galaxy S4. Samsung is becoming stagnant.

And don’t think that the company doesn’t know it. There is talk of a big shake up happening soon at Samsung. The interesting three co-CEO arrangement may be no more, with the well-known mobile head and co-CEO J.K. Shin said to be moving to a different role. This would allow the other co-CEO, B.K. Yoon, to take over. The third co-CEO, Kwon Oh-hyun, is in charge of the semiconductor and parts division and will remain there.

The change to a single CEO overseeing most of Samsung could be a good one, as the company has become bloated in recent years. One CEO would mean less overlap, and B.K. Yoon may bring some interesting expertise from his experience managing the home appliance and television divisions of Samsung. With smart homes becoming all the rage, mobile and home will start merging.

Aside from the upper management, other areas of Samsung are getting a bit of restructuring. Different divisions are cutting jobs, streamlining, and management has even left. But all things aren’t negative for Samsung, as the company still dominates the market and is still in a position to easily come back.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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  • BlazeHN

    I think this is not because Sammy alone is doing it worse or better than before, but because of the heavy competency of other mainstream brands and also emerging ones, plus Google has been doing a good work on making people understand what Android is (no longer everyone thinks that TouchWiz = Android).

    • Dima Aryeh

      You’re absolutely right. Samsung may have gotten complacent and not done enough with its later phones, but competition is very tough lately.

    • Nate B.

      I agree that’s its not all of Samsung’s wrong doing that’s shooting them in the foot, but other companies are doing better than they have in the past. But Samsiung could have easily been in comfort zone if they executed. I, and I’m sure many others knew Samsung would be the start of their own downfall. I’m sure they can pick it back up though. It just needs to start with cutting off these pointless variants. I hope they don’t think people find it cool that a company is making everything all things just because it can. They need to simplify things. But keep it sophisticated at the same time. The biggest experience for any user on a mobile device is the software. Okay, its Android. Thats a win, but how will you execute? Rewrite TouchWiz from the ground up. Take stock and slowly add on useful things. They need continuity. It needs to be logical and not a me too. If you’re gonna add your own, then it needs to be just as competitive. They added S-voice and that was unheard of all in the same year it was mentioned. It had and still has nothing on Google now or even Siri. Their skin used to be tolerable but not to many anymore. It still looks like it was designed by different companies. Its very in consistent from one device to the next. They need an iconic build and design for a device. One that can just be refined as time goes on and not having to radically change it yearly. The specs are usually taken care of. So let that fall into place on its own. Every phone has just about the same screen, processor, similar battery size, camera count, etc. Pick your bread and butter.

  • steve

    I use to be samsung all the way, but with every new model, seemed too much like the last. I picked up a g3 in the summer and i think i will take the nexus 6 over the note 4. A lot of people dont like hardware keys, they prefer soft keys, so samsung will never be an option for them. You do have to give samsung credit for the sd card and replaceable battery, they stuck with it, when others abandon it. The android feild is leveling and i hope it stays that way. Lg, htc, and Motorola are all making a comeback, i would rather that, then one company making 90% of the profit. I think samsung will sell less and less, while the competion keeps getting strong and the Chinese companys keep coming with cheaper alternatives.