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Samsung Gear Circle Bluetooth headphones now available in US in limited quantities


The Samsung Gear Circle is definitely an interesting accessory, and it’s finally out in the U.S. The Gear Circle is a set of Bluetooth earphones that are designed to magnetically clasp together at the ends and become a necklace for easy carrying. And to warn you that you’re getting a call, the piece on the back of your neck will vibrate to warn you to put them on.

As for music controls, it uses a mix of touch controls and a play/pause feature that works when you clasp and unclasp the earphones from each other. You can also control your phone using voice commands, as you can with most earphones. The battery will last for 9 hours of music listening and 11 hours of talk time, which really isn’t bad for such a small set of earphones.

The Samsung Gear Circle is currently available in both black and blue at select T-Mobile stores if you want to pick some up now, with widespread availability coming later this month with AT&T and Amazon announcing availability. And if you want it in white, Best Buy will exclusively carry that color. What do you think of the Gear Circle?

Source: Samsung

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  • Kenny

    You might have also mentioned that they support SBC, aptX® and Samsung HD codecs, which is what differentiates listenable bluetooth headphones from regular non-HD capable bluetooth headphone, IMO. So I’ll consider grabbing a pair assuming that the earpieces do not fall out easily on them while moving around or exercising – I’ve found this type of larger driver on in-ear phones to often be difficult to keep snugly in place. Maybe you guys could do a reasonably in-depth review of these?

    • Dima Aryeh

      I’d love to review them! Samsung has been difficult with review units as of late, so no guarantees it’ll happen.

      Also, thanks for the heads up on the protocol compatibility. The press release didn’t mention any of that but that’s great to hear.