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Samsung partners with BlackBerry to beef up security on Android

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BlackBerry announced today a new partnership with mobile giant Samsung that aims to offer a new totally integrated end-to-end security offering for Android. By combining Samsung’s Knox software with BlackBerry’s BES12 cross-platform enterprise mobile management service, the two companies are hoping to bring top of the line security to Android.

In the press release announcing the partnership, BlackBerry laid out what combining Knox and BES12 will bring to the market:

  • An integrated solution that brings together the secure connectivity and class-leading device, applications and data management capabilities BlackBerry is known for together with the security features embedded in Samsung Galaxy devices.
  • Android security enhancements that reduce threats that bypass application security mechanisms while minimizing damage from flawed applications.
  • Complete separation of business and personal data for uncompromised corporate security and employee privacy.
  • A series of core security enhancements to better protect device integrity from kernel to apps.
  • Enhanced user experience Workspace for a more flexible approach for enterprise deployment.

BlackBerry has seen hard times in recent years with its hardware business, but that doesn’t mean the company doesn’t have a lot to offer. Partnerships like this will be very lucrative for BlackBerry and beneficial to Samsung as it makes them the go to company for security and enterprise applications on Android.

Look for more to come from Samsung and BlackBerry in early 2015 when the two companies begin rolling out their new conjoined services.

Source: BlackBerry

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