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Samsung says it’s going to launch fewer smartphone models in 2015


Samsung has been a bit of a fire hose of new Android devices in recent years, with the company seemingly releasing a heavy flow of hardware that covers a wide range of sizes and specs. Faced with sagging profits in recent quarters, though, the company is planning to cut things back a bit.

Samsung says that it will offer fewer smartphones in 2015. Robert Yi, the firm’s head of investor relations, says that Samsung will reduce the number of smartphone models it offers by around 25 to 30 percent in 2015.

Samsung’s most recent earnings reports have shown that its profits have been dropping quite a bit, and while the company is still bringing in a truckload of cash, I’m sure that it doesn’t want to see its profits continue to fall in the coming quarters. Releasing fewer devices could certainly help Sammy cut costs, and it might be nice to see it show a bit more restraint in 2015.

Do you think it’s a good idea for Samsung to offer fewer smartphone models in 2015?

Source: WSJ

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  • Rising33

    Definitely yes… But I know this covers their markets, not just the US market.

  • Rising33

    Covers all their markets*

  • surethom

    Please also reduce Touchwiz by 20-30% More stock android & less skinning, this will help the phones stay speedy & speed up updates.

  • Skis03

    They need to just make a few great phones instead of the handful of models they have made this past year.

  • Bart

    It seems Samsung finally realized what everyone else was already saying… That there really were way too many models flooding the market. Here in the USA, the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note models seem to be the biggest sales of smartphones (personal observation only) . I’d personally recommend getting rid of the Mega phone all together.

  • Robairto

    Hey, here’s an idea. How about putting a high quality speaker on the FRONT of the Note 5?

  • Melvin

    Agree make a few of them but higher quality also fix touchwiz please don’t add everything and the kitchen sink..