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T-Mobile’s Nexus 6 is entirely stock apart from one removable app


You’ve probably heard by now what AT&T has done to the Nexus 6. Despite Nexus devices being meant to be stock and unaltered, that’s never stopped carriers. With custom ringtones, pre-loaded apps, disabled tethering, and a SIM lock, the AT&T Nexus 6 is pretty heavily modified.

T-Mobile took to Google+ to brag about its Nexus 6, which is stock in every way but one. It’s entirely unbranded and has only one pre-loaded app, instead of saddling you with tons of apps like Yellow Pages and Uber that you’ll never use. The only app that’s pre-loaded is MyAccount, which will be useful to T-Mobile customers. And if you don’t want it, it’s completely removable.

T-Mobile is once again proving itself to be very customer-friendly, doing exactly what its subscribers want instead of messing with devices for its own profit. Good on T-Mobile for doing this right. What are your thoughts on the Nexus 6 bloatware situation? Leave a comment!

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  • Tommy

    T-Mobile is great. Just they’re coverage sucks lol. If they will ever get their low frequency stuff going (coverage in steel buildings or whatever), they would be the best

    • thewhiterepublican

      this phone is too big for asian hands

    • Richard Yarrell

      Tmobile has wonderful coverage and has been KICKING CARRIER ASS for close to 2 year now.

      They great looking handsets with no childish branding and unnecessary applications they are a wonderful experience.

      No other carrier today does it better than Tmobile.

      • Bowery Mission

        T-Mobile sucks monkey balls. They suck almost as hard as you suck the cum out of your dad’s dick in the dark basement after he cock slaps your face and tells you how useless you are.

  • Ellett

    Where I live and where I travel I don’t have trouble with T-Mobile coverage. They’ve done wonders over the past few years. Frequently my speed beats my friends on other carriers.

    • Ray Rice, currently off duty

      yeah, i heard they hack into at&t’s network and steal their bandwidth (rumors only, but makes sense)

  • ChicagoV

    Mine is completely stock. It didn’t even have the My Accounts app on it when I got it.

  • G of myturnquips

    This is a step in the right direction. If they’d sell it unlocked, they’d be starting something great.

  • roger

    I wish to bile would send out a no bloatware for the note 4

    • Richard Yarrell

      The Galaxy Note 4 is perfect especially with no carrier branding and it’s clean as hell far better than any other Note 4 on other carriers.

      • Semproxion

        Funny you claim the Note 4 is perfect. Explain how when we had 2 Samsung employees in our building last week, both of whom stated they’d personally prefer the Nexus 6. They even went as far as saying they only had Note 4s because they were given them.