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YouTube enters music subscription race with YouTube Music Key

YouTube Music Key

YouTube is finally ready to get serious about music. After years of serving as the home to countless music videos, remixes, playlists and more, YouTube is introducing several updates today that will put music front and center, including a subscription service called YouTube Music Key.

In the blog post on the official YouTube blog announcing the coming changes, YouTube has broken down what they’re working on into three key areas: a new music section on YouTube, full artist discographies and YouTube Music Key, YouTube’s answer to Spotify, Rdio and more.

The new music section on YouTube will put music front and center on your Android device and Alongside the home page, you’ll find a music page that “shows your favorite music videos, recommended music playlists based on what you’re into and playlists of trending music across YouTube.” Much like many of Google’s products, a portion of YouTube’s music section will be catered to you.

Finding music on YouTube was never all that hard, but often times full discographies for artists were incomplete or missing altogether. YouTube will be partnering with content providers to offer full discographies now, comprised of official videos and audio only tracks.

The biggest news to come out of YouTube’s huge announcement today is YouTube Music Key. Music Key is YouTube’s subscription style all you can eat music service. For the introductory rate of $7.99 a month — normally $9.99 — you get totally ad-free music, background play and offline viewing. Yes, you will finally be able to turn off your screen and keep listening to YouTube audio in the background. A Music Key subscription also includes access to Google Play Music all access, making the pair a very tempting offer.

YouTube Music Key will be launching soon, you can sign up for a beta here.

Source: YouTube Blog

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  • jerrbomb

    I’m sorry.m I’m not trying to troll here.. But Google has two services? One offering access to another? Holy cow.. My mind has been completely blown away.. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing.. Its not google is competing with itself.. But idk.. I mean… That’s like whoa…

  • Marcus M.

    What does all this mean for someone who already has Google Play Music? Do I need to do anything or do I get roled in? Thanks

    • jerrbomb

      You don’t need to do anything at all

  • BlazeHN

    I just use Quetube to turn off my screen and keep listening to YouTube.