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Tylt VU wireless charger review

TYLT VU wireless charger 3

Wireless chargers, while very convenient, can be frustrating at times. Many chargers have their own way of centering a device on its lone charging coil, while others don’t include anything to center it at all. You’re left to carefully find the perfect spot where your device starts charging and make sure it doesn’t move from that spot.

Some chargers, like the Nexus wireless charger, use magnets to center the device if the phone or tablet has magnets in it in the first place. It’s finicky, but much better than nothing. Other chargers, like the cheaper Tylt VU SOLO, use a locating tab that’s adjustable to each individual device. But what if you didn’t need to move the device around at all? That’s where the Tylt VU comes in.


Price: $69.99
Standard: Qi
What’s in the box: VU charger, proprietary AC cable
Size: 7.5 x 3.5 x 3.1 inches
Weight: 5.7 ounces
Where to buy: Tylt


The Tylt VU is quite an interesting device. Instead of being a pad that sits on your desk like most wireless chargers, the VU acts as a stand for the device, holding it at a 45 degree angle. Other than an LED at the bottom of its front, it has no other defining features. It should be noted that this LED is quite dim and won’t light your room up in the dark, which is important to me.


The back has the power plug, but it’s tucked away to keep a clean appearance. The other end of the cable is a standard AC plug, so you have to use the included cable.


What makes the VU interesting is the inside of the charger. If you happen to take it apart, you’ll see not one but three wireless charging coils. This is how it manages to charge any smartphone of any height or coil position. The entire surface is now a charging surface, eliminating the need for fiddling with positioning. This is the best feature of the charger and why I use it every day. Put your phone on the charger and it’ll charge every single time.

The charging cable for the VU states that it puts out 0.75 amps, which is lower than the 1 amp of the VU SOLO (since you use any USB wall adapter) and the 1.85 amp output of the Nexus wireless charger’s wall adapter. However, I haven’t noticed a significant difference in charging speed between the three. Something probably limits all of them to a certain amperage internally (which is why the Nexus and VU SOLO chargers work with any wall adapter). Either way, the VU is by no means slow, though a cable is of course faster.

The Tylt VU is my favorite wireless charger out there, simply because it’s so easy to use. Place your device on this charger without worrying about alignment, as long as it’s centered horizontally, and it’ll charge every time. Plus, it’s useful to read notifications without touching the device, thanks to the angle it sits at. It’s a bit pricey compared to the competition at $70, but it’s more than worth the price. Head to Tylt’s site to pick one up for yourself!

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  • Rich

    I’ve had my Vu for about 6 months and I wholeheartedly agree with this review! I’d certainly recommend it! :)

  • illrigger

    Gotta say, I love mine. There are other three-coil chargers out there, though, and cheaper. The Atien A6 is a direct clone of the Vu, and has good reviews for the most part. However, for peace of mind, the Vu is an actual certified device, so if you want 100% stable and safe it may be worth the extra money.

  • Ellett

    I was a Kickstarter backer for the Vu so I’ve had one since the first. It was an effortless charge for my Nexus 4 and is now an effortless charge for my Nexus 5. We shall see what happens when my Nexus 6 arrives, but I expect that to work as well since the coils on the N6 are located to be at a height that would be centered if the phone were of “normal” size.

    I can also charge my Nexus 7 (2013) by turning it sideways on the Vu.

    And unlike other wireless chargers, the Vu looks damned good sitting on my nightstand!

    I now have a second Vu for my home office.

  • Brooks Barnard

    Two things:

    1) I also love the TYLT VU. I have three of them. I may get more.

    2) 50% off TYLT products Fri thru Mon plus free shipping w/code ‘CYBER2014’ == $35 TYLT VU

  • wil

    I bought 2 of these and I love them I got mine for $30 so you can get them cheaper but this is still cheaper than the tylt.

    • Fergus

      Got one of these as well and have to say think it’s probably better than the TYLT for desk usage. Keeps phone at more upright angle so easier to see, significantly cheaper, uses Micro USB cable in the back of it (very, very useful) and still has 3 coils and a charging LED.