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PureVPN App Review


PureVPN has been an established player in the Virtual Private Network space since 2007 and presently serves more than one million customers. I wouldn’t normally lead off an app review with a description of the company, but when one of the primary functions of the app is to protect your privacy, the fact that they have a long track record doing exactly that is of the utmost importance.

On the off chance that any of you are unfamiliar with VPNs, the short explanation is that by routing your online activity through a server, they will obscure your location and whatever you are doing online regardless of whether you are operating over WiFi from work, home, a public network or even over your wireless carrier.

Classic use cases beyond a generic desire for privacy in whatever you choose to do on the internet include accessing websites blocked by your work/school network, covering torrenting (be it legal or illegal) and accessing region-locked streaming content.


Armed with the knowledge of why you might want a VPN in the first place, let’s move to the specifics of PureVPN.

The app is free in the Play Store and once you have it downloaded, signup only takes about a minute. You are issued a username and password by PureVPN that will be used to sign into the app. There is a free level of service that lets you use up to 500MB (900MB if you complete a few social media activities) with a choice between three of their servers (USA, Sweden and the Netherlands), but you aren’t going to be streaming video or downloading many files with that cap. To unlock unlimited bandwidth and access to the rest of their servers you just need to open up the menu in the upper-right corner of the app and select “Buy Now.” You can opt for a monthly subscription for $4.99 or an annual subscription for $39.99.


Once you are logged in, PureVPN is dead simple to use. There is a gauge at the top of the screen that displays how much bandwidth you have left in your monthly allotment (again, for paid users this is unlimited), your IP address, your location, the location of the server you would like to connect to and finally a big green button labeled “Connect.”

As soon as you hit that green button the app connects to the currently selected server — it typically takes about 10 seconds to connect — and then your IP address and location will change to match that server location. At this point you simply exit the PureVPN app and go about your business as normal. A small key icon in the notification area will let you know that the PureVPN app is still working in the background. When you want to switch it off you just return to the app and click the orange “Disconnect” button at the bottom of the screen.

Guided Use

The full list of servers (87 countries in total) can look a little daunting when you first open it by tapping the small server shaped icon next to the last selected country, but PureVPN lets you filter that list by purpose. Some are fairly obvious, like the United Kingdom server to access BBC iPlayer and BBC Sports Streaming, but I would have had no idea which server to select for file sharing or maximum security and anonymity. This functionality was a recent addition to the app and makes the process considerably more straightforward for the novice VPN user.

Streaming VideoNetflix-UK

One fairly consistent critique of VPNs is that they offer slow connection speeds. This could naturally preclude usage for streaming HD video, one of the more compelling use cases for a VPN in the first place. After over a week of testing with PureVPN I can say that I never had any buffering or issues with HD video playback through Netflix or BBC iPlayer.

I tested Netflix thoroughly across servers in multiple countries as the ability to access an extended library of Netflix content seems a remarkably useful option for cord cutters. To be clear, the download speeds through PureVPN are slower (3-5Mbps) than my standard connection (25-30Mbps), but given the use cases for the VPN, this shouldn’t present an issue.

Multiple Devices

With our audience, this is likely to be a bigger deal than for the average user, but PureVPN can be installed and running on up to five of your devices. That includes PCs, Android and even iOS.


I’ve been looking into VPNs for the last several months, but simply never managed to pull the trigger on one, which is why I was very interested in reviewing PureVPN when the opportunity presented itself. After just over a week testing the app for this review, I’m sold on the idea of using a VPN and on PureVPN specifically. As I mentioned early on in the review, the app is just so easy to use that it takes no time at all to jump in and out and be back to work or watching a video. If you opt for the full year plan you are looking at just over $3 a month, and whether you are going to use it to extend your cord cutting options, to keep yourself secure, to ensure your privacy or to get around blocked sites, that seems like a small price to pay.


Sean has been with Android and Me for over 8 years and covering mobile for the last 9. He occasionally muses about gadgets and tech outside of the Android universe at Techgasms.

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  • sirouse

    hi down load free vipn ace

  • virgil

    hi there community take care they are stealing your money, I bought 4 times 12 months licenses from purvpn to use them for the whole family but their servers are not secure at all german webpages find out your geo location with ease as I requested back my money as purevpn is advertising with their 3 days money back guarantee I was left aside for 3 weeks after I started a conflict through paypal who also did not support me with this as it is no phisikal thing a license so purevpn manager had a nice lunch on my costs and I also got no access to my new licenses anyway because I involved paypal. think twice befor you get there any license. greetings a friend

    Finger weg von PureVpn hatte mir 4 mal 12-Monats Lizenzen gekauft und festgestellt innerhalb der 3-Tages Geld zurück Garantie Frist, dass der GEO-Standort an Webseiten weitergeleitet wird und deren VPN Dienst ganz und gar nicht sicher ist, wurde 3 Wochen hingehalten mit Mails bis ich zuletzt Paypal einschalten musste, die mich leider auch im Stich gelassen haben weil eine Lizenz keinen physischen Gegenstand repräsentiert, somit hat der liebe Purevpn Manager ein nettes Steak auf meinen kosten genossen MFG ein Freund der Unwissenden

  • virgil

    Ok read this from down upstairs, at Hide My Ass you won´t getting robbed and they have stable trustful servers with lower speed but purevpn speed is due tu their ip routing without trustful geo location changes. this means you can step into the internet trap pure like the name says, no money back only if you get mad JUST LIKE ME NOW!!

    you should really start reading customer mails and reviews, I do not accept any cent to stay with you, I will move in 10 minutes to the next important page and start to post there but I have now that much of unique reviews I guess I will be very fast and I guess I setup also some macros to do it automated do not think you are offshore and god I am out of mind and secure ;)

    On 10.12.2014 22:49, PureVPN Support wrote:
    > Hi,
    > Please check the points and suggestions below:-
    > 1. You purchased 4 annual accounts then ask them to merge to a single account having 20 multi logins
    > 2. I confirmed you that 20 multi logins are allowed on your sigle account on 29th Nov 2014
    > 3. Regarding Germany location you will be assisted and shown wit proof that there is no such issue, if you need
    > Anyhow, keeping in view that you never used 3 accounts we may refund you in full for 3 annual accounts and 50% refund of the 4th account. You do not qualify for refund though having 39 GB usage as listed below but in order to get it you need to remove the reviews you just did. We may also paste these as a comment but we will not. We broken our policy to allow you on exceptional basis and to make it work for you i.e. 20 multi logins
    > If you need the 100% refund of the 4th account too then you need to have a remote session with us after which your case will be reviewed.
    > PPTP 105 28,717,444,507 bytes (27,387.09 MB)
    > OPENVPN-UDP 1 43,741 bytes (0.04 MB)
    > L2TP 34 12,286,450,336 bytes (11,717.27 MB)
    > Total Bandwidth
    > 41,003,938,584 bytes (39,104.40 MB)
    > Best Regards,
    > Q. Nauman M.
    > Manager Customer Service & Support
    > PureVPN
    > ***** We apologize for the delay, might caused in replying your email. We are experiencing an excessive load, unexpectedly, due to customer interest in the services. Our 24/7 live chat is available to assist you on immediate basis.*****
    > On Thu, Dec 11, 2014 at 2:37 AM, My Email wrote:
    > I told you I won´t invest any minute in comunication with you because you are too lazy to read my issued mails to the support and their answers and that I got ignored totaly you fucked me arround enough I won´t stop until I get my money back because I am a real person and can proce it you know what I´ll start to post now also screenshots online screenshots to prove it even more. just save my time and yours and the time your webmasters and supports investet in advertising your crapy semi vpn and return my money I will not stop it and this is my last mail bye bye
    > On 10.12.2014 22:33, PureVPN Support wrote:
    >> Hi,
    >> Please contact us via live chat and ask for the Manager, I will assist you and clear the confusion / misunderstanding we have.
    >> Best Regards,
    >> Q. Nauman M.
    >> Manager Customer Service & Support
    >> PureVPN
    >> ***** We apologize for the delay, might caused in replying your email. We are experiencing an excessive load, unexpectedly, due to customer interest in the services. Our 24/7 live chat is available to assist you on immediate basis.*****
    >> On Thu, Dec 11, 2014 at 1:45 AM, My Email wrote:
    >> I need no assistance from you give me back my money or I distroy your business by reviews and I can prove it just get your ass in front of my whole emails and read them I was in time and I had really troble not that lousy multi login but I got ignored I swear I will invest every day 4 hours of searching pages where you advertise and write down reviews until your income decreases to a little student
    >> On 10.12.2014 21:36, PureVPN Support wrote:
    >>> Hi,
    >>> Sorry for the inconvenience. It seems you did not notice what I wrote in the end “Still we are keen to assist you for which you may contact us any time.”
    >>> Best Regards,
    >>> Q. Nauman M.
    >>> Manager Customer Service & Support
    >>> PureVPN

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  • Hannes

    Biggest crap VPN ever! Speeds are horrible – not usable inside Mainland China, service only send you automated answers to the website – demanded my money back but no refund, as I opened a file at Paypal they suspended and terminated my account. As I am also based in HK I will involve a lawyer to get my money back – stay tuned.
    Good alternative if you are in China : witopia – much better speed and very good service – they will provide “secret” IP addresses to you if you have speed problems at your location.