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Action Launcher 3 is the Lollipop launcher power users have been asking for


Superstar Android developer Chris Lacy has just released his latest project onto the Google Play store. It’s not an entirely new app like Link Bubble or HomeTube was, but a complete overhaul of the app that put Lacy on the map, Action Launcher.

Based on the Google Now Launcher, Action Launcher 3 is an entire rewrite and redesign of Action Launcher for Lollipop. While still maintaining most of the features from previous Action Launcher versions, like the Quick Drawer and Covers, Action Launcher 3 is made entirely with Material Design in mind. Everything about Action Launcher 3 fits right in with Google’s latest version of Android, and it looks fantastic.

Perhaps the coolest new feature is Quick Theme, Action Launcher’s new ability to change the color of the search bar, quick drawer, folder backgrounds and more to match your wallpaper. Quick Theme also integrates with Muzei 2.0, so as your wallpaper automatically changes, so do the rest of the UI elements on your device.

With Action Launcher being such a huge update, there is going to be a charge for the Pro version of the app even if you had previously purchased the app. You can still download and use the old Pro version of Action Launcher, but Action Launcher 3 Pro will cost $4.99, and is available as an in-app purchase in the regular app. Action Launcher 3 is available now on Google Play. Don’t wait; check it out now.

Source: Action Launcher 3 on Google Play

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  • EP2014

    My god the AIP’s is out of control… I’m trying this launcher out for the first time, and it already wanted me to purchase nearly $10 worth of stuff -_-

    • Nova Launcher dev


  • alxndr

    Sovi have to buy the aoo again, even if I purchased it?? Not even a discount?? That’s bullshit

  • ferguson massacre

    cant wait for the gazillion bugs and crashes

  • vbvb

    yeah, right, i will pay for a chance to hide apps. Uninstall.

  • sic

    Saw this post. Installed. Felt weird. Uninstalled. Back to Nova.Feeling better.
    Guys, this is troll post.. go ahead and try it yourself…

  • Lex

    1) Feels like a alpha version. Can’t even change icons.
    2) Lack of customizing. You can change grid sizes, dock size (but it will not, unlike nova/apex, resize icons), some colors…
    3) Themes is just set of 4 pre-defined material colors, one of which is paid.
    4) Lags.
    5) In-app purchase instead of normal key in store. Nope, thx,
    Nope, thx, i’d rather wait for material nova/apex.
    Don’t waste your money on this app.