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Hangouts Dialer can now be accessed by other apps


Google’s Hangouts Dialer app is one step closer to completely replacing the old “Phone” app on your, eh, phone today. Thanks to an update that’s available now, the Hangouts Dialer app can now open all phone number links accessed on your phone.

For those who rely heavily on Hangouts to place phone calls, this comes as welcome news. Previously users would have to do something like copy and paste any numbers that came up in somewhere like Google Search or Maps because simply activating the links as intended would always open the numbers in the default phone app. Now Android will recognize the Hangouts Dialer as a phone app and allow you to set the app as the default method for placing calls.

To snag the update, make sure to hit up the “My Apps” section on your device of choice today.

Source: Hangouts Dialer

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  • Todd

    I can’t begin to tell you how disappointed in Hangouts I am. A long time Google Voice user, 90% of my business calls were made from inside the email browser and worked seamlessly. I gave in and switched to hangouts.

    Incoming calls, once you click answer, open a new browser that takes 8-10 seconds to connect the call (that is a long time in phone time). Worse, I am not allowed to go back.

  • rlocone

    Tried this and my phone dialer takes over even though I’ve selected answer incoming calls.

  • Casperi

    You guys think thats bad. When i made the switch ” being all excited and all” my phone’s dialer and hangouts dialer would fight with eachother with out me being able to swipe anything. Each ring chose either the phones dialer then the next hangouts. This caused me countless calls of ” hello,, can you hear me etc. ” I finally gave up and uninstall hangouts completely. Until its seemless with not only your cell providers and google voice then forget it. Hell I would even take just my google voice line but neither worked correctly and as i said fu to each dialer. Never again.