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Minuum keyboard updated to 3.0 wth Lollipop support and new themes

Minuum 3.0

Minuum is a pretty awesome keyboard replacement that takes word prediction to the next level by offering only one row of keys. All of the letters are condensed on this row and the keyboard will predict what word you want based on the position of your taps. It actually works pretty well, and I’ve owned it for a while now. The latest update brings Minuum up to version 3.0 with a few cool new features.

First of all are a bunch of new themes. There are a few limited edition Christmas themes available, along with Material themes to match Android 5.0. But the coolest theme is a Lollipop-exclusive. It will change color depending on the app you’re in, matching the new Material colors. For example, it’ll be red in Gmail. I can’t wait to give that a try when my device gets Android 5.0.

Also included in the update is better English autocorrect and experimental support for typing in multiple languages at once. It’s definitely a good update, so hit the source link or open the Play Store on your device to check it out. How many of you use Minuum?

Source: Google Play: Minuum Keyboard

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  • dansoccer

    How about for Android Wear!!? When will it be available?

    • Dima Aryeh

      Apparently Minuum has some instructions to get it on Android Wear. Hit the source link and check the description. I’m gonna give it a shot tonight on my Moto 360

  • DavidDesu

    I’m very happy that whoever created this app really likes Bent, enough to show it in a screenshot. I’m amazed by this! :D