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Two ways to SIM unlock the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for free


The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is available from nearly all major service providers, but you will need to SIM unlock your device if you want to switch carriers or if you have plans to travel internationally. There are quite a few paid services like Android SIM Unlock that will sell you a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SIM unlock code for as little as $19.90, but we thought we’d share a few options that will allow you to SIM unlock the Note 3 for free.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SIM Unlock menu hack

While we’re calling this a hack, it’s really a back door into the Galaxy Note 3′s menu system. This method works for a lot of people, but we have heard reports that Samsung has started removing the menu hack option as software updates are pushed to the Note 3.

  • Open the Samsung Galaxy Note 3′s dialer
  • Dial *#197328640#
  • Press the Menu > Back > Menu
  • Open the Key input and enter 1, then press OK
  • Press Menu > Back
  • Press UMTS > Debug Screen > Phone Control > Network Lock
  • Press Options > Perso SHA256 OFF
  • Press Menu > Back
  • Your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is now SIM unlocked

Request your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SIM unlock code from your service provider

If you’re not able to use the menu hack to SIM unlock your Samsung Galaxy Note 3, you can always ask your service provider for the SIM unlock code for your device. Most carriers require that the phone is paid in full or that you’re at least 18 months into your 24 month contract. Check with your service provider for their exact requirements.

  • Locate your handset IMEI number by dialing #06# or go to Settings > More > About device > Status
  • Write down your IMEI number
  • Call your service provider and ask for the SIM unlock code for your Samsung Galaxy Note 3
  • Provide your account information and your Note 3′s IMEI number to process the unlock code request
  • Your service provider will email you the SIM unlock code for your phone in 1-3 days
  • Remove the back panel, battery and microSIM card from your phone
  • Insert a microSIM card with one from another service provider
  • When prompted, enter the unlock code that you received from your service provider
  • Enjoy your SIM-unlocked Galaxy Note 3 on any GSM network!

The simple, paid alternative

If don’t meet your service providers requirements or couldn’t get the menu hack to work, there is a paid alternative that’s quick and hassle-free. Services like Android SIM Unlock can provide you with a SIM unlock code for your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in less than 30 minutes for as little as $19. Best of all, most SIM unlock services have a money back guarantee if they are not able to find the unlock code for your phone.

If you know any other options to SIM unlock the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for free, feel free to share them with us in the comments.

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  • SBM_from_LA

    Requesting an unlock code if you’re 18 months into your contract doesn’t appear to be valid for AT&T customers. My contract is set to end the first week in January, so I was about 22.5 months into my contract with about 6 weeks left and gave them a call to request one. The Rep I chatted with claimed their System would NOT allow it and that I had to wait until Jan. 6.

  • Dirty Budha

    I’m running DNF9 and this doesn’t work. IF you’re trying to get the “Main Menu” there is another way that you can find on XDA. I haven’ been able to find the UMTS menu option.

    Appreciate the share of information though!

  • David Young

    I bought my Note 3 sim-free so I do not need to unlock it as such. However samsung,for some obscure reason, Region -locked the Note 3 meaning it locked itself to the region within which the first sim card was used. How does one overcome this.

  • jamey carpenter

    I paid two hundred a month for att, and when they changed I went over my data and charged me an extra forty five dollars, I choose to look at other options, I purchased a straight talk b.r.p. plan I pay forty five dollars a month for unlimited everything, abd I get to use my note 3

  • Emanuele

    I bought my note 3 a year ago. On the Internet chat with att they told me that I could by the phone for the full price from one of their stores and have it unlocked in 3 days.
    Following their suggestion I went to 2 stores but the Managers refused to sell me one. Even after the Web customer service called them to let them know they could!
    Following att Internet customer service suggestions I went to wall mart and bought one at full price.
    When I called back to get the unlock code they asked me for an att phone number…which I don’t have since I have another carrier…and wouldn’t provide me with unlock code.
    Providing the IMEI code my att phone doesn’t exist on their records!
    The phone was unlocked from the beginning since my other carrier sim works on it but some features, like hot spot requires a “network unlock” to work.

  • Kenny Molinet

    I cannot find the UMTS that is next?? Any suggestions or did they get rid of that in the update?

  • Mike

    agreed on the SM-N900T I’m not seeing the “UMTS” either.

  • clan

    hai gays key input means where will be option pls help me reaply

  • John appiah

    It seems it doesn’t work for newer models like note 3 and note 4 which having region locked as these menus are disabled in newer firmwares, I called T Mobile to see if I could get unlock code for me but have not heard back from them yet. Since I am leaving on a trip to Asia I decided to try and within 48 hours or less they got me the unlock code. Nice service.

  • John appiah

    I called T Mobile to see if I could get unlock code for me but have not heard back from them yet. Since I am leaving on a trip to Asia I decided to try and within 48 hours or less they got me the unlock code. Nice service.