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Amazon Fire TV on sale for just $69

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We’ve seen some scorching deals on the Amazon Fire phone and the Amazon Fire TV Stick already, but the most highly-praised device in the Amazon lineup of late has been the Fire TV, and we hadn’t seen any serious discounts on it until now.

For Cyber Monday, Amazon is slashing the price on the Fire TV a full $30, bringing it to just $69. If you are wondering why you would opt for this over the Fire TV Stick, which even at full retain is cheaper at $39, then let me offer you a quick refresher on the Fire TV.

One of the more notable features of the Fire TV is the Voice Search built into the remote that is included in the box with the Fire TV. The Fire TV Stick can take advantage of this feature through the app on your phone or if you buy the voice control remote separately, but that’ll set you back another $29.99 and put you right up to this sale price on the Fire TV.

The Fire TV is also a significantly more powerful device than its minuscule sibling. It features a quad-core CPU (Snapdragon 600) with Adreno 320 graphics and 2GB of RAM. This is a huge step up from any of the other streaming devices out there including the Roku 3, Apple TV and Chromecast. This means a more fluid UI anytime you are using the device and will be even more relevant if you ever decided to pick up the Amazon Fire Game Controller and use this as a console.

One of our biggest complaints with the Fire Phone was that the focus on getting you to Amazon content simply wasn’t terribly relevant on a phone, but that same UI and focus on the Fire TV works and reviewers have been unanimous in their praise of this device as a value even at the normal $99 price, so this deal is not to be missed.

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