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Android Wear app update allows disabling card previews, includes battery saver mode

Moto 360 Dark Side of the Moon watch face

There’s a new update out for the Android Wear app, and it contains one feature I’ve been anticipating for a long time: you can now disable card previews. When you have a gorgeous watch face you want to see, or an analog clock with the arrows on the bottom half of the display, those constant card previews can get annoying. Now you can disable them once and for all!

Other features include offline music playback via Bluetooth headphones, a battery saver mode that turns off your display when the battery is low, and bug fixes. It’s great to see Google adding new features to Android Wear, and though this isn’t a big update by any means, the ability to disable card previews constantly coming back up is a huge improvement for me.

Once you update the app, expect your watch to restart itself soon after. Afterwards, go tinker with the new settings and tell us how you like it!

Source: Google Play: Android Wear

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  • charlie88

    “Other features include offline music playback via Bluetooth headphones,…“

    Didn’t we already have this? It still blows my mind that there’s no good way to select which Google Play Music songs you want on the watch. The Sony Walkman Player can do it though. Thanks for putting in the effort, Google.

  • Evan

    This has been available for weeks?

  • Medion

    That’s the problem when a blogger finally updates their app, but doesn’t pay attention to real news websites. This update came out in early November.

    Hi, Dima Aryeh, welcome to the present :)

    • mattcoz

      To be fair, the app did just get updated, but these features were already available in the previous version.