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BLU Studio 7.0 is a smartphone with a 7-inch display and $150 price tag


We’ve seen some big Android phones hit the market lately, including the 5.96-inch Nexus 6 and 6.44-inch Xperia Z Ultra. Today BLU Products announced its new smartphone that trumps them both.

The BLU Studio 7.0 offers a 7-inch display, and yes, BLU says that this device is a smartphone, not a tablet. While it sounds large, BLU Products says that the Studio 7.0 has a “compact design” and that it can be “comfortably” used one-handed for phone calls or sliding into your pocket. BLU CEO Samuel Ohev-Zion explains that he seeings demand for small tablets dropping and consumers wanting a single device that can offer a big display and be convenient.

Looking past the BLU Studio 7.0’s 7-inch 1024×600 display, the device offers a 5-megapixel rear camera, 2-megapixel front-facing shooter, 8GB of storage and a microSD card slot. It’s powered by a 1.3GHz dual-core processor and 1GB of RAM, and it’s got a 3000mAh battery powering itself. The BLU Studio 7.0 offers GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz and 21Mbps HSPA+ 850/1900MHz or 850/2100MHz.

Amazon is currently selling the BLU Studio 7.0 in blue, white, gold and gray for $149.99 without a commitment. That’s a pretty nice price for such a big phone, and even if you don’t need a new phone, it could make for a nice small tablet too. For a peek at how the BLU Studio 7.0 performs, check out PhoneDog’s unboxing video above.

Would you use a 7-inch smartphone as your daily driver?

Via: BLU Products

Source: BLU Studio 7.0

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  • Dirtybudha

    Would I buy a 7″ phone? Possibly since I own a Note 3.
    Would I buy THIS phone? No no no nonononono.

  • Jason Scott

    I like the idea of its size.Even though it is called , Studio, can be used as a tablet. Like the Samsung galaxy tab 2. Those it comes dual Sim?

  • marcbl

    Size isn’t everything. But everything else about specs are, laughably, underwhelming.

  • aaron polo

    that not the first 7 inch try huawei mediapad x1 better spec plus it support lte plus $300

  • Roselyn Donnell

    I wouldn’t buy it cause of the specs! I have anb HTC One M8 and i always say the Note is too big but now I wish my phone was a little bigger. Not sure about a 7 inch one though I have small hands. LOL!

  • Joe

    Blu is all about lies. They promise updates but never deliver. 90% of their devices never receive even one update.