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Cyanogen, Inc. looks to clarify OnePlus One update situation in India


Late last month OnePlus revealed that the OnePlus One sold in India would not be running CyanogenMod as it does in the rest of the world due to an exclusivity deal between Cyanogen, Inc. and Micromax.

Cyanogen took to their corporate blog in response to reaffirm their commitment to customers in India that had purchased the OnePlus One. They indicated that these customers should expect to see continuing OTA updates like any other OnePlus One owner.

Not surprisingly, this lead to a bit of confusion, and now Cyanogen, Inc. has posted another brief update to their blog to clarify the situation. Their previous post was addressing specifically those that purchased OnePlus One global devices and had them shipped to India. For any customers purchasing a “OnePlus One regional device” within India, they will indeed be using the version of Android developed internally by OnePlus and should look to OnePlus for their updates.

OnePlus has promised a very light Android install that will ship sometime this month with a production build ready in February. They have also committed to two years of software support for this version of the OnePlus One. This adds another layer of the unknown for OnePlus One purchasers in India, as no one has yet seen whether OnePlus has the chops to put together a solid build on their own.

Hopefully there isn’t any ill will coming out of this situation, because┬ádespite their PR blunders and some inconsistencies with the hardware, the OnePlus One with CyanogenMod has been a pleasant surprise for many this year.

Source: Cyanogen

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  • masterpfa

    What a mess Cyanogen. But alas it is what it is.

    Custome ROM time I would imagine for any new owners in India