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Falcon Pro being rewritten with Material Design

Falcon Pro

Falcon Pro, one of the most popular third-party Twitter clients, is being rewritten to include Material Design and some new features. The new app will be an entire redesign from scratch rather than a refresh of the existing Falcon Pro app. The developer, Joaquim Verges, has confirmed that it will include Material Design as well as a “new Twitter client experiment.” Other details aren’t known, but we’re excited nonetheless.

Falcon Pro ran into trouble in early 2013 when the app hit its token limit from Twitter. After several attempts to try and sort it out, Verges ended up releasing the app simply for those who had already been using the app and had a token for it. Development ceased after that, but it looks like Verges is willing to give the third-party Twitter client game another shot. No release date, ETA or otherwise, has been given yet, but we’ll keep you informed of what his next move is.

Are you looking forward to this rewriting of Falcon Pro?

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