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First-gen Moto G getting Lollipop in India

moto g generic 2 Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 5.03.52 AM

Now that Lollipop has graced the world with its Material design beauty, manufacturers are updating their devices one by one to the latest version of Android. We’ve seen Samsung, LG, HTC, and Motorola start updating new devices already. But what about older devices?

Motorola proves itself once again to be the king of updates by rolling out the Lollipop update for the first generation Moto G, at least in one country. Moto G owners in India should be receiving the update now. Considering that the Moto G is over a year old and a “mid range” device, it’s a bit surprising to see it being updated so quick. But we’ve come to expect this from Motorola by now.

The company does warn that there is no going back from this update. Once you’re on Lollipop, you cannot downgrade to KitKat (though we can’t imagine why you’d want to). So download the update and let us know how you like it!

Source: Motorola

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  • hitesh

    Dnt post fake news

  • prateek

    yup, thats a fake news

  • Chirag Kapoor

    Calm down!! We will also get update.For now it is for the soak test users only.

    • vishesh

      When do we get the update then????

  • bhuvansjain

    Why can’t all the tech blogs first verify the news before posting it in their sited??

  • Ankit Saxena

    But why is this page there on motorola’s india website. What does this mean??

  • salil shau

    Brother, don’t post fake news….I just talk to Motorola executive..the date is not set ….and no official statement…. So don’t post fake news.,.

  • moto g user

    It has not been released officially in india..
    This news is totally worthless. its just to gain some attention..

  • deepak taneja


  • jeon

    Man don’t post shit. Who the fuck told u there’s gonna be a update. So shut the fuck up nd got to sleep

  • Daniele

    It’s not fake news. The APP Android Central (official app for Android news) published that the rolling out of Lollipop is happening on ├Źndia. Check it out on Android Central APP or The Android Central website.

  • jagatpal

    Well i talked to the motorola person via chat and he said it is soak test. they are trying hard to get things ready. and for now they even don’t have an estimated date.
    It is just soak test and everyone understood it as update

    • jagatpal

      And how can you believe on this post when you see the image above is of 2nd generation and the man is talking of first generation

  • batmanRage2fakebasterd

    Android 5 ….Where is it?!! L where is it?!! U R testing my patience….!

  • Harsh Khurana

    Signed up for the soak test, accepted the invite, still no update :’(
    I’ll die waiting

  • sudipta

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  • Rajputhbanoth

    Don’t fake news