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Friends can now share to Chromecast without your Wi-Fi password

Google Chromecast

The latest update for the Chromecast has brought with it a “guest mode” that you can enable by going into the Chromecast app on your device and simply flipping the “Guest Mode” switch to on. Now anyone (with an Android device running at least 4.3) within range of your Chromecast will be able to share to it without the need for your precious and zealously-guarded Wi-Fi password.

I can see this as a great feature to turn on at a party if you want to let people keep tossing up their favorite videos or music without having to let them use your device or providing them all with your password. Just remember to turn it off again when the event is over, lest you fall victim to some pranksters doing a hostile takeover of your TV.

And if you don’t have a Chromecast, remember that if you buy one before December 21st you will get $20 in Google Play credit.

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  • CErikM

    A neat little feature. But you may well end up falling victim anyway seeing as how Chromecast will let you take over even while one device is streaming. Maybe there’s a safe guard against this, but I’m assuming that as long as you have guest mode turned on it’s a free for all.

    A temporary, one time use password that you can create on the spot would be a better bet. Since this way you’ll know exactly who you’ve given it out to. One that you can create to be simple rather than a ridiculously long and complicated password like I have on my WiFi network.

    Though, it is definitely convenient as heck having a feature like this.

  • MrNobody

    there is so much room for improvement in this space of group playlists. I can’t figure out why there are not more options in apps like Google play music that allow friends to add songs to a queue at a party, playlist, etc. I know this is less a comment about chromecast as it is about collaborative or party situations, but it seems like such a big need. It would also be good to be able to cast a playlist or queue and listen to other music on your phone. It would allow you to screen music to add to a list that is being played without interrupting, much like a DJ does.