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Google aims to have Android M loaded directly into autos, report says


Google’s ambition to get Android into vehicles is well known. Currently the big G is planning to do it with Android Auto, but apparently the company may have an even bigger plan in the works.

According to Reuters, Google is prepping Android M to be capable of being loaded directly onto a car, meaning that it wouldn’t require a smartphone to be connected like the current implementation of Android Auto. The next version of Android is expected to make its debut in 2015.

Obviously this information is still a rumor for now, but it kind of makes sense. If Android is loaded directly onto a car, it’ll be available to you all of the time without requiring you to remember your smartphone or to keep your device charged. Plus it could give Google access to much more — read: all — of your driving habits and where you go.

Loading Android directly into a car will require Google to work more closely with car makers than it has before, and it remains to be seen which of them would be willing to load Android M onto their vehicles. There are likely some that’d only work with the highest bidder, and there are a lot of tech companies out there that’d like to be your car’s only software, especially considering how long some people keep the same vehicle.

Source: Reuters

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  • Roshan John

    Think this is a good idea? I’d hate the idea of waiting on my car manufacturer to approve and send through ota updates. Could be even worse than waiting on Samsung and HTC.

    I prefer the current model of a dumb car unit and my phone running the system. I change phones 10x more than cars.