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Google Hangouts Material design update shown off in new leak


Following the YouTube app’s Materialization on Friday, it looks like another core Android app will soon get a Material design update courtesy of Google.

Several screenshots have leaked that show an upcoming version of the Hangouts app with Material design touches. Those include a new, slightly less vibrant green color that extends to the status bar, an updated navigation drawer, a hamburger button that’s slid out from the side of the screen and some updated iconography. The app’s icon has been Materialized as well. In the screenshots below, the current app is on the left and the updated app is on the right.


Google has been steadily updating its apps with Material design looks in recent months, and so it’s no surprise to see that Hangouts will be getting the treatment as well. The new-look Hangouts is definitely more Material than the existing version, and the app icon is much-improved. There’s no word yet on when this app will roll out to the public, but you can be sure that we’ll let you know when it does.


Source: Android Police

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  • SBM_from_LA

    Am I the only one that thinks Google’s new UI colors are hideous looking?

    • Jason Matthew


      • SBM_from_LA

        That’s funny… I checked around and lots of others think the colors are horrible…

        • Nope

          Really? Why did you ask if you were the only one then?

          • umopapisdn

            It’s all good. It’s just what trolls do.

            “Am I the only one that [insert popular yet trollish opinion here]?”

  • Ray Rice,criminal

    man thats hideous!

  • Marc

    Would it kill them to allow people to add themes and change color schemes like almost EVERY OTHER messaging app!?!?! While I appreciate the usefulness of Hangouts, I can’t STAND how painfully boring it is! is is quite frustrating to be using it at night and get blinded by the glaring white screen–even if you turn your brightness down it is still awful.

  • androidrevelation
  • griffmac12

    colorblind;don’t care