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Google News & Weather updated with new weather graphs, dark theme and more

image Google News & Weather update

Google’s News & Weather app has been present on Android devices for quite some time, most of them anyway, and now Google has seen fit to issue an update for the app.

With the newest version of News & Weather, users will see new features like a dark theme, searchable news right from the app itself, and new weather graphs to soak in all of the details one might want. The update also includes the ability to curate stories from the user’s favorite publishers.

As Google notes, the update is now available in the Play Store and is available to download for free if it’s not already loaded up onto the device in question. With this update, this newest version has been bumped up to 2.0, and it requires devices running Android 4.0 and up.


Source: Android Google+

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  • Bob Lafleur

    This is funny! I like the dark theme, and in fact, I would like to see it all throughout Android and all Google apps. But why a dark theme for this app when Google seems to be moving to light themes on everything else? Even Android 5.0 has taken things that used to be dark (settings, for example) and made them light. PLEASE Google, make this a new trend! I’d like to see a switch in settings “dark/light theme” and have all apps follow that setting.

  • Andres Arosemena

    Is this option not available on all phones? I just downloaded the app but I don’t see anywhere the option to use a dark theme. In the top right of the homepage I only have the a plus sign (+) and not the 3 vertical dots or the search icon

  • Tma

    I checked mine, it is version 2.0 but white theme not dark and Play Store says it is up to date…
    HTC One M8 (Android 5.0 (L) Play edition)

    • Matt

      Mine too… But seems to be same issue with other Google Apps that blogs report have already been updated.. And I have a Nexus 5..Not bothered though cuz Lollipop has screwed up so much of my phone from camera to MMS Messenger to Contacts & daily UI failures requiring reboots

      I’m getting closer to switching to an iPhone and never looking back. Pretty much everyone I know or meet has an iPhone anyway… And since I already own a Mac & Google support is nonexistent, even for Nexus, I’m over it. I literally was told “theres nothing we can do.. Its new to us.”
      Then another rep told me 3 weeks ago, he’d follow up with me and Ive never heard back

      • Tma

        Updated and I can switch to dark theme

  • Steven


    I’m super confused.. That link says version 2.0..I just checked app settings on my phone & it says version 2.1. How can that be. I dont see any changes & can’t find any setting to change theme either on the upper right three dots or the left side menu

  • Gray

    My Nexus 4 is on 2.1, but the app was giving me an error about not being able to update. I deleted the data and cache, and now it doesn’t show any news nor weather.

  • Gray

    The error message is “Your app settings can’t be updated right now. Sign back in and try again.”

    • Gray

      Mine updated to version 2.2 last night and it works now. It also has the ability to switch to dark theme.