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Google to create kid-friendly versions of its services

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Generally, the Internet is seen as a dangerous place, one for adults and not for children. It’s true that the internet is unfiltered and contains a lot of adult content, no matter how hard you try to avoid it. Even the best filters can’t stop it. But what if the services you use every day were redesigned from the ground up for children?

This is exactly what Google is planning to do with its most popular products. The company is working full time to create versions of services like Google Search that would not only be safe tor children under 12 to use, but are geared towards their interests. Relevant information is something Google is great at providing, so it’s pretty exciting to see how Google will handle doing so for kids.

This of course is a controversial move on Google’s part. Many people will argue that the internet is simply unsafe for children to use, and even with Google’s kid-friendly products, things can slip by. On the other hand, technology has gotten so integral to our lives that kids need to start using it early on. Back in my day, a 14 year old having a cell phone was strange, but these days it’s both a great communication tool and a great learning tool for them.

While we have no release date or even approximation of availability, I’m excited to see what Google comes up with. The company is actually getting help from employee’s children to build this product, so I can imagine it’ll be pretty neat. What are your thoughts of children using special Google services?

Source: USA Today

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  • SGB101

    Google services comes with a 13 and over age limit, so it will need to change something to complete fully in the education market.

    The above maybe a synical way of looking at it and true, but anyone with kids will be glad if a safer play ground, as we all know kids from 2 up can use mobiles and tablets. And any 5 year old will soon stray from Micky mouse to acdc, just following YouTube recommendation engine.

    I personally like the micky mouse cartoons from the 40s, when the war machine/propergarda dept was in full swing. Some Gems on YouTube.

  • androidrevelation