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Google using NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor in Project Ara


Google’s shown quite a bit of love to NVIDIA and its Tegra K1 processor lately, throwing the chip into the Nexus 9 and the Project Tango tablet. The love doesn’t stop there, though, as Google has revealed that it’s also using the K1 in Project Ara.

On its official Google+ page, Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group has revealed that it’s created a couple of Project Ara reference designs and module prototypes based on the NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor, as well as Marvell’s PXA1928 chip. Google ATAP says that we’ll see both included as reference designs in the MDK v0.20 release. The group also teased that we’ll see a Spiral 3 prototype in the spring.

Whether or not the Tegra K1 is actually a Project Ara module option that’s available to consumers remains to be seen, but it’s exciting to see a newer processor like the Tegra K1 being used with the effort. Google has said that the next Project Ara Developers Conference will take place in January, so it won’t be long before we get another update on Google’s modular smartphone work.

Source: +GoogleATAP

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  • Gixled

    The K1 puts off lot of heat nvidia shield required thermal shield that covered the whole surface area.
    Google/HTC did piss poor job on the N9 and it has throttling issues i don’t see how this will be any different with lot less surface area to dissipate heat.

    Also Google dont like to optimize software to take advance of software they like to slap on bare OS while its great when comparing to touchwiz nvidia uses stock framework but optimizes to take advantage of the hardware.

    • MarkP

      Yup N9 lacks OpenGL 4.5 and who knows if google will add it.
      So forget playing K1 optimized version of HL 2, Trine 2 …ect on N9