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HTC has some “huge surprises” in store for 2015

image HTC One M8 Eye official

HTC had quite a year in 2014. Not only did the company release quite possibly its all around best smartphone yet with the HTC One (M8), it also stepped outside the phone arena releasing the RE camera and got back into the tablet game with the Nexus 9. But apparently 2015 is going to be even better.

Jeff Gordon, Senior Global Online Communications Manager at HTC, took to Twitter today to get us pumped for HTC’s plans in the new year by saying “HTC’s 2015 roadmap will be our best ever–with some huge surprises that will blow you away.” While nothing specific was mentioned, based on rumors we imagine more cameras, tablets, an Android Wear device and at least one flagship phone are all in the works. If we’re lucky, that will be just the beginning.

HTC may not have a perfect track record, but no one does. And when they release something good, it’s usually really good. Consider us excited for what HTC has in store for us in 2015.

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  • Tessi

    Even I am eagerly waiting for the launch of HTC Hima that is expected to introduce with Galaxy S6. Well, the Smartphone that I like the most from HTC is One M8 and the best feature of this device is its compatibility with turbo charger or adaptive fast charger.

  • live from CIA torture chamber

    didnt know htc was still alive

  • Joko

    Cannot move from HTC product…. Samsung, OnePlus, out!

  • Kk

    6 year ago I bought my first smartphone, the HTC desire.
    Now six years later and 2 phones onwards I am still with htc(m8)

    Thc is for me the only android smartphone brand that is as luxureas as apple and that is what i miss with other brands like samsung.

    I am waiting for the tablet and the wearable that they will release this year.

    I can call myself definitely a fan (no shame)

  • HectorPA

    My HTC One ( M7 ) is still waiting for the vaunted lollipop update. Here it is almost mid – January, we were promised it by year’s end. I wonder if Verizon is holding it up as they always do to load it with crapware.