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Inateck Christmas deals

Inateck UC5001 charger 3

Inateck has some pretty cool products on the market, and their Christmas deals have begun. You can get many of their products discounted on Amazon by using a discount code. And thankfully, this sale applies not only to the U.S. but the U.K. and Canada as well (though with different products).

Aside from Bluetooth speakers, Inateck offers a bunch of accessories like chargers, cables, and a lot of computer stuff as well. The chargers work well and are often high amperage to charge tablets and many devices at once, so definitely check it out. And a spoiler on the BTSP10 Bluetooth speaker I’m in the process of reviewing: it’s freakin’ awesome.

Add the device you want to your cart and put the promotion code into the right place at checkout and you get your discount!

Bluetooth speaker BTSP10: VFI2MT7L
Bluetooth speaker BP1001W: WOCWHRFW
Wall charger 2.4A: 2Q293K92
Wall charger dual port 4A: WOCWHRFW
Wall charger 5 port: WOCWHRFW

Bluetooth speaker BTSP10: VFI2MT7L
Bluetooth speaker BP1001W: 7YMYPW4K
OTG USB hub 3 port: HB4002G
OTG USB hub 4 port: HB4201

Bluetooth speaker BTSP10: KJA44B6Y
Bluetooth speaker BP2001: NJMJE7GL

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  • Wilma Dickfit

    which launcher/theme is that in above picture?

    • Dima Aryeh

      I think the icon pack is Etched Material, launcher is Nova Prime.

  • Drew

    Which charge cord is that?

    • Dima Aryeh

      The black one is the cord that came with the Moto X 2013. The blue one is the TYLT Syncable. I had my doubts that a 1′ cable would ever be useful, but I’ve found it pretty nice to have for charging things on top of my cabinet, which has the pictured USB hub on it.