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Kenu Stance tripod supports your device via microUSB


You might be familiar with Kenu from their incredibly popular car mounts, the Airframe and Airframe+. These mounts attach to your air vent and are adjustable to accommodate any smartphone. Reviewers have universally praised the design and durability of these mounts.

Today Kenu is unveiling a new mount, the Stance, which can serve as either an extremely compact tripod for your smartphone or as a more traditional stand in landscape mode. The unique feature of the Stance is that it relies on the microUSB port to support your phone. As a result the Stance is compatible with basically any Android smartphone.

The tripod mode is perfect for Instagram photos and video, video chat or music playback. By folding the legs flat, you can prop the smartphone up at almost any angle to either watch video or take landscape photos or video. The top of the Stance has a microUSB connector and a ball-and-pivot joint that allows you to position your phone at a wide variety of angles in either mode.

Folded flat, the Stance is about the size of a stick of gum, so it’ll be no problem to take it everywhere with you. If you need another reason to keep it on you at all times, it features a built-in bottle opener to satiate your beverage needs before watching a video.

The Stance is available today for $29.99 directly through and will be hitting retailers early next year.

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  • Bob Lafleur

    I doubt the manufacturers of devices design their Micro-USB ports to hold the weight of the device. Cool idea but I’d be afraid my Micro-USB port would get ruined.

    • Adam Prato

      Bob — exactly the first thing I thought. I have two devices with busted MicroUSB ports because I left them plugged in all the time as I used them, and often retrieved it by pulling the cable. Now I’m much more careful about protecting the usb connector.

    • Sean Riley

      That thought definitely crossed my mind as well, but Kenu has been around long enough that I have faith that they would have tested this pretty thoroughly before releasing it. I’ll be doing a review of the Stance in the coming weeks and will certainly question them on this issue before I post a full review.

  • Rygle

    Bad, bad idea. Isee many dead micro USB ports ahead…