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Kodak set to debut Android smartphones and tablets

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During the holiday week, both Kodak and the Bullitt Group decided to announce their plans for the near future, which include the upcoming launch of not only a new Android-powered smartphone, but at least one new tablet, too.

The announcement was initially made on December 22 through a dual public release. The Bullitt Group is known for making rugged Android handsets under the Caterpillar name, so making a series of new mobile devices for Kodak is certainly not out of their wheelhouse. As far as features and specifications go, though, the details are still being kept under wraps.

What the press release does mention is a focus on the consumer, with a “best-in-class image management software” and a focus on great design and user interface. The release also says that the devices will be aimed at consumers that want the experience of a high-end device, but who might not always be comfortable using increasingly complicated mobile devices. At the same time, the Bullitt Group and Kodak say that they won’t skimp on the design of the handsets or the software itself.

The first smartphone will be displayed at CES in January, 2015. After that, and later in the year, Kodak and the Bullitt Group will unveil a tablet, a 4G-enabled smartphone and a “connected camera.”

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Source: PR Newswire

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    I’m curious about the products that will be offered this kodak
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