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Latest Android distribution numbers show KitKat growing

Android distribution Dec 1

It’s always interesting to see how Android is progressing. In the past, the operating system was plagued with devices not getting updates in a timely manner, or at all. Even with Ice Cream Sandwich and early versions of Jelly Bean out, old versions┬álike Gingerbread have still dominated the charts.

Times are very different now, with manufacturers being a lot better about updating older devices. The latest stats show that KitKat now has a 33.9 percent share of the Android market. Being the latest OS and having more devices run it than any other version is great to see, though it’s been like that for a while now. Jelly Bean’s versions total 48 percent, but individually they are much smaller. And thankfully, Gingerbread is at a low of 9.1 percent.

Things can only get better in the future. Lollipop is a huge step forward for Android, and it’ll soon be released to many devices out there.

Source: Android Developer Blog

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  • Bart

    I really don’t mean to be unkind, but except for reporting stats, I don’t see how this is really that unexpected. (Maybe I misunderstand the intent.) It just follows and makes sense that as older devices either get traded in or their OS is upgraded that the tail of where the shooting star had been would diminish. At the nucleus of that shooting star would actually be one or two versions behind the newest, and in the forefront is the new force of air that is pushed in ahead of it (the latest version). I know I haven’t explain this concept well, but I think I got the idea across.

    • Dima Aryeh

      It’s far from unexpected, but simply showing off the stats. It’s always been a point of interest for Android fans, as the stats never really followed this logical trajectory until recently. Before, things were very different. But we report on it now to give people an idea of where each version is at, not because it’s “breaking news.”

  • ben steel

    Honeycomb…? 0%…?