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Microsoft launches MSN apps for Android

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Microsoft may be a company that has plenty of its own projects out in the world, but that hasn’t stopped them from broadening the scope of their approach to a more multi-platform strategy.

On Thursday, Microsoft officially announced that its most popular suite of MSN apps is now available for Android. For users of MSN on the web, that experience will now extend to a more app-friendly environment on a mobile device, with Sports, Money, News, Weather, Food & Drink, and Health & Fitness. Each app, as the name properly suggests, focuses on a single niche, but does so in a comprehensive way.

The Weather app, for instance, allows users to view daily and weekly summaries of the weather with just a glance, radar maps, 10-day forecasts, and even historical records. Of course, looking at the daily conditions is also included. The MSN Sports app allows users to follow more than 150 leagues around the world, and lets them keep up with standings, scoreboards, results, and leading teams and players.

Since it’s Microsoft, a bit of the cloud is included with the new apps too, this time regarding keeping what you save as your favorites secured across multiple devices. So if you have a favorite team you follow in MSN Sports, the app — thanks to your Microsoft Account — will keep that information intact if you happen to change phones. No need to set it all up again just because you got a new device.

You can follow this link to find the suite of MSN apps waiting to be downloaded. Microsoft’s MSN apps are available for Android and Amazon devices.

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