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Moto 360 Lollipop update being rolled out to everyone today

Moto 360 Dark Side of the Moon watch face

This is the big day for Moto 360 owners. Today is the day that the Lollipop update is rolled out to the masses instead of the select few. If you want to see whether you have the update waiting for you, make sure your device is charged and head to the power menu, about then software updates.

According to a post on Motorola’s forums, the update has been rolling out in stages over the past five days. But today, the rollout will reach 100 percent of users. Though some still haven’t gotten the update, it’s only the start of the day.

The Lollipop update brings a whole new set of features to the smartwatch. The biggest is probably better support for third-party watch faces, along with more API support for the watch faces themselves. There is also a new quick settings menu swiping down, which features more controls for the watch. One of those controls is called Theater Mode, which will keep the screen off until the button is pressed. And as stated before, it adds phone features like undoing dismissing a card and battery and storage stats.

If you want a bit more information, hit the source link and read up on the details. Also, make sure to update your Android Wear app as it was recently updated with support for Lollipop. Have you gotten your Lollipop update on your Moto 360 yet? Leave a comment!

Source: Motorola

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  • dansoccer

    nothing so far, I have a rooted nexus 5 and i remember doing the update that made the notification disappear from the watch face until you swiped up again. I flashed the newest cataclysm lollipop rom and i had to reset my Moto 360 to pair again. the software version is 4.4W.2 and it seem to have the old features. ex… the notification don’t disappear and the ambient is not so responsive. any suggestions?

    • Dima Aryeh

      4.4W2 is the latest version, aside from Lollipop of course. I haven’t gotten the Lollipop update either, so we will just have to wait and check for updates once in a while.

  • JPC

    Nothing here yet …

  • Bernie Cohen

    HELP? Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Phone upgraded to 4.4.2 and am now sucking batteries at the rate of up to four per day. I get about 3 hrs per battery. Also keep getting error saying Android.process.acore has stopped working.
    Any ideas?????

    • XJCAR1

      Have you tried factory reset?

  • brad wyatt


  • James Hablewitz

    I live in Milwaukee Wisconsin and have been checking but no luck yet.

  • Bruce

    Nope still on 4.4W.2 and its the end of the day. There needs to be a way for developers to get access to these on the first wave of updates.

  • mani

    Nope.still didn’t get update. Still show 4.4w2

  • Ian B

    9:45 cst and nothing yet for my moto360.

    Ian B

  • mike

    10:30 western Canada, still no update for moto360. I would be surprised if it comes through before midnight.

  • Yinyer

    I live in NC, I checked 5 minutes ago (it’s 11:45 PM) and nothing…still waiting

  • lolliratboy

    nothing here and its 3:31AM tuesday december 16,2014 =,( someone has totally forgotten us

  • Dima Aryeh

    I haven’t gotten it either :( sad days

  • Naoki Takimura

    21:00(JST) not yet ;(

  • Leavon F

    Dec 16th 8.55am EST

    No update yet. Patiently waiting

  • lolliratboy

    truly sad, nothing yet and its 8:56AM tuesday december 16,2014 =,( someone has totally forgotten us

  • Ken Ross

    I haven’t gotten it either, but does your phone need to have lollipop too?

  • lolliratboy

    i dont think so, the minimum requirement was android jellybean, mines a nexus5 with lollipop.

  • Ken Ross

    That’s good, thanks. I’m only on Kit Kat 4.4.2

  • Someone

    Come on !!!!

  • Thretosix

    Still waiting… I understand it is a roll out which means it trickles out, but I’m not that patient. Hope to get it soon. Sorry, have to go, need to refresh software update…

  • Larry N

    I got the update notification 30 mintes ago that it had downloaded, but my watch was on 40%, so charging – as it wouldn’t let me “swipe left to install”.

  • Joost den Braber

    Nothing in the netherlands yet

  • Sanny M

    Nothing in Vancouver, Canada yet.

  • chaicodez

    Factory reset, wallah!


  • david

    I still haven’t even got an lollipop update to my nexus 5

  • boxman0617

    So should we do factory resets to get the update? (California 3pm)

  • moto 360 Alberta

    nothing in Edmonton AB so far… and it s not even -20C outside yet lol

  • Ken Ross

    Still nothing in NY

  • garin

    Nothing yet in South Africa. How we won’t need a factory reset.

  • stefan De jong

    I have Android Wear 5.0.1 a view days (Netherlands)

  • Yaniv

    Nothing here in Miami yet.

  • lolliratboy

    dont do factory resets, ive tried 5 times and it doesnt work, just stay calmed, the updates might arrived this week, we still have 4-3 days left, be patient and thank you for your cooperation.

  • Ken Ross

    Still nothing. :(

  • Ken Ross

    I’m wondering if something is wrong with the update.

  • liron

    I live in israel, I get the update yasterday.

  • moto 360 Alberta

    that’s what i dislike about Moto communication approach, when you say something stick to it or explain the delay properly. I find this lack of communication disprespectful.