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Moto X (2014) Cyber Monday deal is live at 12 p.m. EST


We warned you this one was coming last week, and now the time is upon us. Motorola will be giving out $140 discount codes for an unlocked Moto X (2nd Gen.) starting at 12 p.m. EST and lasting until 6 p.m. EST, but more likely the “while supplies last” bit will kick in before that.

That means a brand new Moto X (2nd Gen.) can be yours for as low as $359. We included this device on our smartphone gift guide and, as with its predecessor, we feel it is one of the best phones of the year. The two complaints we have are the battery life and the camera is not the equal of something like the Note 4, but at this price, we think those are things that can be overlooked for most users.

If you’ve been looking at the new Moto X then there is no question you should be heading over to their site now and getting your discount code, because┬áthis phone certainly won’t be available for a cheaper price anytime soon. If you haven’t already registered on, you should get that done quickly before the deal goes live.

Source: Motorola

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  • Grant

    i got mine when it first came out – my credit card does price matching… you think they’ll match this? $140 back is a nice xmas check.

    • steve brown

      Hard to say. Act while it is 359 because if they look it up, it wont be 359

    • Sean Riley

      Worth a shot anyway, I can’t say that I’ve had a credit card with that feature before so I’m not certain what kind of proof they need to see.


      Yes I have discover card and they donup to $500 if item goes on sale in the first 90 days

  • steve brown

    Great price. I would saybest deal on market. The oneplus is too hard to get and the specs are the same basically. I would trust motorola waranty over some start up china company.

    • BlazeHN

      3GB RAM… 64 Storage.

  • captainkirkw

    I requested my code and just got it a few minutes ago. I have a first gen Moto X and love it so I am trying to decide if I really want to upgrade. I am still thinking about just keeping mine and getting a Nexus 6 so that I have a small and large phone. Don’t really need a new phone but the tech junkie in me wants a new toy.

  • Mayur

    someone please send me a promo code at [email protected]

  • miria osa

    Great price and great choice! After checking it with other of my possible choices- like this one! – i am sure i totally deserves a second thought!

    • miria osa

      it totally*