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New Chromecast purchases include $20 Google Play credit through Dec. 21

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We realize we are encroaching on the point where literally everyone may already have a Chromecast (or more likely two or three), but if you have managed to resist the call of the Chromecast, then this deal might be the one to finally make you give up and join us. (One of us! One of us!)

If you purchase a Chromecast between now and December 21st, you will qualify for a $20 Google Play credit. This is on top of two months of Hulu Plus and three months of Google Play Music. (Those offers are only good for new customers of either service.)

You can pick up the Chromecast from Amazon for $32.60 right now, so even if you can’t take advantage of the other offers, the Google Play credit alone brings you down to paying less than $13 for the Chromecast itself.

The lack of a remote is my one real complaint regarding the Chromecast — something the Fire TV Stick gets right — but if that isn’t a problem for you, the Chromecast experience is fantastic and there’s no beating this deal.

Source: Amazon

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  • Erik Jones

    Just to clarify, that’s $20 of Movies. Not just any credit.

    Either way… I just ordered one for my other TV. I’m tired of moving the one ChromeCast back and forth all the time.