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New version of Google Glass will feature Intel inside


Despite the frequent assertions that the Google Glass project is dead or dying, yet another version of Google’s wearable is reportedly going to come to market next year. And this time Intel, not Texas Instruments, will be powering it.

While there have been plenty of complaints levied against Google Glass since its initial launch in 2012, perhaps the most persistent has been about battery life. For Glass to serve its intended purpose, it is critical that it be able to last a user a full day on a charge. Despite improvements, that remains an impossibility without extremely minimal use or connecting to an external battery pack.

Whether Intel has the solution to this problem remains to be seen, but this partnership is far from surprising, as we have seen Intel popping up in an ever greater number of Google products over the last year with the Nexus TV, Chromebooks, Android devices and even Google’s self-driving cars running on Intel.

Each year at CES, we seem to hear that Intel is finally going to get into the mobile space and every year they seem to miss. They have made it clear that they do not want the wearable space to pass them by as well, so I have no doubt that they are throwing plenty of resources at the wearable problem.

It’s an interesting pairing as we have Google Glass, which has certainly experienced flagging interest over the last year, and Intel, who is far from the first name in mobile or wearable technology. Do you think the pairing can reverse the fortunes for both?

Source: Wall Street Journal

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