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Nexus 5 no longer in production


Well, we knew this moment would come sooner rather than later. The Nexus 5 has been the beloved standard for the high end budget phone since its release, and it continues to excel with some excellent specs for a fairly low price. But it was released over a year ago, and its time has been growing short.

With the red and white Nexus 5 models removed from the Play Store, a Google spokesperson has confirmed that the Nexus 5 is no longer being produced. However, the Play Store will still sell the device through the first quarter of 2015, and stock on the Play Store will come and go.

If you still want a Nexus 5, you better get yours quick. With limited supply, new devices will only be available for so long. So head to your favorite commerce site to grab one for yourself (keep an eye on eBay deals for the device). We’ll miss you, Nexus 5

Source: Tech Radar

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  • A.Woodbury

    I am reading this on my Nexus 5 right now and I think it’s feeling were just really hurt. We’ll miss you Nexus 5.

  • phor11

    Seems like a misstep to stop production unless they’re going to release an updated version.
    The Nexus 6 is made for a niche market. Not everyone wants a giant phablet.
    So it seems like they’re limiting their potential market by not having a smaller option.

    Then again, maybe they just expect the motoG to fill that void since it’s practically a nexus device?

    • brett

      they could rename the nexus 6, nexus 5 PLUS, like Apple did with new Iphone. i love android but just bought an Apple Iphone 6 PLUS. i love both android and IOS.

      • Odie

        I can understand that. While I’m not a fan of iOS, I can respect it as a solid piece of software and a good motivator for Android to continue improving.

  • dansoccer

    I just want to say that for most apps (if not all) I’ve downloaded from Google play, adds for new products, apps, and reviews for lollipop all have the Nexus 5 for display. NOT the newest Nexus 6 (unless they are talking specifically about the Nexus 6). Even here! most post have the Nexus 5 as display. Point is! Nexus 5 was, is and will be the game changer for Google! great quality, finally took control of the updates over the carriers and manufacturers, and many more features. hands down the best phone from the Nexus 5…. even better than the mini tablet (pretending to be a phone) Nexus 6!

    • hp420

      Nexus 5 wasn’t the game changer…Nexus 4 was. Nexus 5 was just a slight bump in specs from Nexus 4. Why does everone always forget that?

      • dansoccer

        Nexus 4 introduced Jelly Bean… which was a revamped ICS. Nexus 5 introduced KitKat whole new UI – ART instead of Dalvik – lower system requirements – stronger security… if that is not changing the game for Google IDK what is

  • mattcoz


  • Odie

    This both does and doesn’t make sense. I makes sense in that Google wants to focus its efforts on the 6 and encourage people that truly want the Vanilla Android experience to use that phone. It doesn’t make sense in that it will alienate people that simply don’t want a massive phone. I’m just glad that my Nexus 5 is still alive and kicking (I’d still have my 4 if I didn’t lose it the one time I took it on a roller coaster :p).