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Nexus 9 with LTE available now from Google Play

HTC Nexus 9 (3)

After showing up at T-Mobile earlier today, the HTC Nexus 9 with 32GB of storage and access to a handful LTE networks is available now on the Google Play web store.

Like the T-Mobile version, the Nexus 9 with LTE being sold on Google Play comes in at $599. Unlike T-Mobile, you won’t have the option to buy the tablet in installments, so you’ll have to come up with quite the chunk of change if you want to buy the device outright. Compared to other high-end, similarly-spec’d tablets, $599 for 32GB of storage and LTE isn’t terrible by any means. But it is $250 more than the $350 16GB WiFi only model being sold on Amazon right now. Only you can decide if LTE and double the storage is worth it.

According to Google Play, the 32GB LTE tablet will be sent out for shipping by December 19, a week from today. Shipping times on Google Play have proven inaccurate in the past, but just know that you’ll have to order now if there’s any hope of receiving the device before Christmas.

Source: Nexus 9 with LTE on Google Play

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