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OnePlus One gaining MaxxAudio sound enhancements in January

image OnePlus One

OnePlus has shown some interest in providing high-end audio with two pairs of headphones, including the JBL E1+ in-ear headphones. Now, OnePlus is turning towards the software to provide the best audio quality possible.

OnePlus and Cyanogen, Inc. are partnering with WavesAudio to bring MaxxAudio technology to the OnePlus One. The MaxxAudio package includes psychoacoustic sound enhancements that are meant to offer “deeper bass, clearer highs, louder volume levels and more immersive sound from speakers, headphones and Bluetooth connected devices.”


The MaxxAudio feature will be fully integrated with the OnePlus One’s AudioFX settings, and will be customized specifically for the OnePlus One’s speakers, along with the Silver Bullet and aforementioned JBL E1+ headphones.

The MaxxAudio audio enhancements will be ready to go in a specific update coming in January, 2015.

Do these improvements sound enticing to you?

Source: OnePlus Blog

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  • Stelios

    Now if only i could purchase the DAMN phone !

    • cataclysmichero

      The phone is now available without invites on their site. It has been for the last 2 weeks.

  • Tony
  • Brady A Schwartz

    Guys. Don’t be idiots. Invites are so easy to obtain these days. And yes, I do believe you don’t need them anymore.
    I am a sound engineer and am super excited about the Waves Maxx sound enhancements coming in January. I do professional tv sohnd mixing and the Waves brand of plug ins are crucial in my line of work for 20 years. The OnePlus One already sounds excellent and I bought the silver bullets which sound great for the price.
    I’ve now used my OnePlus everyday for a month since buying it and have no Bluetooth dropouts with any calls or sending music to my Bluetooth speaker.
    I am an ex iPhone, Samsung and LG smartphone owner and I LOVE this phone and their company!! Super fast shipping too. Best smartphone I’ve ever used!

  • Subx

    Invites are easy to come by but the problem is, they still refuse to send to certain countries. So as much as I have tried to get one, even with an invite, I can’t.
    The specs are outdated now anyway.

    Now to the article, OnePlus should team up with PowerAMP. Then you will have top quality sound reproduction that is fully customisable to personal needs. No FX system I have tried yet comes close to the sound reproduction of PowerAMP.

  • Brady A Schwartz

    Well it’s February 5th and still no new update!! WTF?