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Palm brand could soon make a return to mobile


Alcatel Onetouch has been steadily releasing Android devices — like the Fierce 2 and Evolve 2 — in the U.S. for quite some time. We’ve never really seen anything major from the company for a while, but that could change soon.

It was recently discovered that a company by the name of “Wide Progress Global Limited” acquired the Palm brand and trademarks from HP and its legal counsel, Rishi Varma. The person that represented Wide Progress Global Limited in the deal goes by the name Nicholas Zibell, who also happens to be President for the Americas and Pacific divisions of Alcatel Onetouch.

The company “Wide Progress Global Limited” also appears as the registrant to, which you’ll be directed to if you navigate to On the site is the old Palm logo along with the words “Coming Soon” and “Smart Move.”


Meanwhile, “Smart Move” also happens to be the brand of, you guessed it, Alcatel Onetouch. The brand was announced at IFA in 2013.

So what’s going on here? Well, neither Alcatel Onetouch nor HP have commented on the matter, so it’s tough to say with any certainty. It appears that Alcatel Onetouch may have acquired the Palm brand and hidden it behind the guise of Wide Progress Global Limited until it’s ready to make an announcement itself.

While Alcatel Onetouch has released a number of products around the globe, it hasn’t yet managed to gain much brand power with consumers in the U.S. Despite the fact that the Palm name hasn’t been in the public for a while, it’s likely got more brand recognition with U.S. consumers than Alcatel Onetouch. As a result, Alcatel may have acquired the Palm name as a way to quickly gain attention and brand power in the U.S.

What do you think is going on here? Will Alcatel Onetouch resurrect the Palm brand or is there something else happening?

Via: webOSNation

Sources: Maka Palm, USPTO

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  • Subx

    Palm is dead. It will remain dead. There is no more room in the smartphone market. Hell ZTE make decent phones but ae getting nowhere internationally. HTC make the best phones on the market yet still cannot take on Samdung at the moment. What will make Palm so special?

  • WatcherJohn

    I kept my Palm until it just refused to work. That was a sad day in my smartphone life.
    Also, Palm did us wrong add the way around.
    New Palm can keep their Hardware and stick their Software.

  • Neil Hauser

    I owned Palm Vire and being newish I never used Adobe Reader. Wish I had! I still have Archos small tab for mp3 podcasts but of 2 pdf reader apps; one would not read and the other could read but no hyperlinks? Usb loading. Now I can read pdf excellently on a second Kindle only black + white screen but much faster for me now. Tnx

  • Andrea Verocio

    I wouldn’t mind buying a Pre “4″ or skip right to Pre “V?”. If it had the same form factor as the Pre 2 and 3, was available unlocked on all networks (just like the verizon 5s is) and had updated internal hardware with expandable storage and RX/TX IRDA.