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Samsung confirms ChatOn will be shut down beginning in February

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Near the end of November, it was reported that Samsung had begun the long-winded process of shutting down ChatOn, its cross-platform messaging service. It was believed Samsung would do so in stages, across certain territories, before ultimately ending the platform altogether.

Soon after that report surfaced, Samsung came forward and denied it, saying that ChatOn wasn’t going anywhere. Turns out Samsung was simply trying to bide some time, because the company has confirmed to the¬†Wall Street Journal that ChatOn is indeed getting shut down. The process will begin in February, on the first day of the month, everywhere other than in the United States.

The U.S. will get its connection to ChatOn severed by the month of March.

Samsung says its shutting down ChatOn because of the “fast-changing market environment,” and that the closure will give the company a better opportunity to focus on mobile commerce and health. Indeed, it was reported on December 16 that Samsung is teaming up with LoopPay to build a mobile payments service, so it would appear that Samsung is at least putting quite a bit of effort in that idea.

Do you use ChatOn?

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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  • John H

    No! It came with a few dozen other Bloatware apps when I purchased my first and LAST Samsung device. I tried unsuccessfully to delete this ChatOn app, only to have it re-install a few hours later. With so many good messaging apps that actually work WHY would anyone want to use this one???
    No more contract bloated devices for me. I’ll pay bigger dollars for a device that I can control what it runs.

  • Logan

    Goodbye Bloatware app but i use cyanogenmod so i only get the apps i want