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Samsung Galaxy S6 prototype allegedly photographed

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We’re now two or three months out from when many expect the Samsung Galaxy S6 to make its debut, and unsurprisingly, the rumor mill is starting to churn with purported leaks of the upcoming device. Dutch site Toptienmobiel has shared what’s described as a photo of a prototype Galaxy S6. The device’s design is similar to the Galaxy Note 4, sporting straight edges and rounded corners, and it’s got Samsung’s trademark physical home button and capacitive multitasking and back buttons, too. There are a couple of interesting features to be found here, including some super-slim side bezels and a front-facing camera that’s on top of the earpiece, not on the side like on previous models. samsunggalaxys6leakaam Leaked images should always be taken with a grain of salt, and those claiming to show a highly-anticipated smartphone like the Galaxy S6 are no exception. And even if this is legit, it could just be a prototype that ended up getting scrapped or altered. The phone does have the hallmarks of a Samsung flagship, though, and so there’s always a chance that the GS6 could sport a design like this. What features do you hope to see included in the Samsung Galaxy S6? UPDATE: SamMobile says that its sources have indicated that this isn’t a Galaxy S6 prototype. Bummer.

Via: SamMobile

Source: Toptienmobiel

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  • Orkhan

    As long as they will continue with their shitty TouchWiz, I’m not interested in any Samsung device.

    • mustafa

      Yeah.. thats my ONLY problem too. Freaking laggy, slow touchwiz !

    • Massimo

      CyanogenMod gives you a super stable, professionally supported, stock Nexus type experience on Samsung phones. Samsung phones are usually sold unlocked so they purposefully make it easy to put your own ROM on them. Avoiding TouchWiz is so easy, that it isn’t a good excuse.

      • BillGurley

        LOL at “professionally supported”.

      • Chase

        Hahaha “Samsung phones are usually sold unlocked.” What ass-backwards planet are you living on? You do realize that Samsung’s Knox bootloader security has been the most impenetrable bootloader lock to date. These phones do not ship unlocked and Samsung spends half their resources just trying to prevent people from tampering with the software.

    • elijahblake

      And the archaic Home and capacitive buttons!!

  • Bart

    I’m not put off by TouchWiz like others. My personal experience is that the more recent phone models and iterations of TouchWiz have eliminated all discernible lag. But more than any inconsequential lag are the benefits: Best screen (IMHO), best phablet, and more. As for upcoming S6, I seriously doubt it will do anything to help Samsung out of its slump. I am waiting for the fold-able or roll-able screens that will finally give phones a truly new form factor and not these gimmicky Edge or rounded screens on a rigid frame. I am sick and tired of a rectangle being called innovative.

  • Robairto

    I will never buy another samsung unless they put at least one high quality speaker on the front.

  • Massimo

    In 2015, I will buy whatever the best Android handset is. I love the Sony Z series phone body and water proofing. If the Sony Z4 has a CDMA model for Sprint, I’ll get that. Otherwise, I suspect the Samsung S6 will be the next best model. I just want the standard bleeding edge specs that one expects from a flagship superphone. I do think 16GB built-in storage is a real deal breaker, so I need more than that.

    • BlazeHN

      16 GB HAS to disappear as standard on high end flagships.

      • SGB101

        16gb is getting far to tight these days.

  • Bart
  • Bill

    Wow. OMG. What a radical departure from their traditional design. It’s very unique. Looks like no other previous device they have launched for the past 4 years. Wow. Really original. Wow Samsung. Incredible. ;-)

  • Scarlett

    I think it is too early to say something about Galaxy S6. Right now the only subject of discussion is Galaxy Note 4, which emerged as the best Phablet in the Note series. The best feature that I like in it, faster charging with high capacity based USB wall charger that just cost $20.79