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Samsung Gear VR now available for purchase

Samsung Gear VR

Virtual reality is highly regarded as the future. Not only the future of entertainment, but the future of many parts of our lives. Though VR is still young, you can finally get your hands on a piece of Oculus technology right now, if you have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 that is.

Samsung’s partnership with Oculus has finally yielded a consumer product called the Samsung Gear VR, a hollow and empty Oculus Rift for a far lower price. Stick your Galaxy Note 4 into the device (as it’s the only phone compatible) and the device gains a display, a camera, and all the sensors it needs. Then you have a working virtual reality headset without breaking the bank.

Samsung already has some content available for the Gear VR, with more coming soon. Though we’re unsure how popular the headset will end up being, developers will hopefully start producing content for the Gear VR at the same pace as the standard Oculus Rift. But when you buy it, you’ll already have some content out of the box.

Unfortunately, the scope of this product is limited. It’s only useful if you have a Galaxy Note 4, and while the smartphone may sell well, it limits the customer base significantly. It’s still incredibly exciting that we can now own a piece of Oculus Rift VR technology! You can buy it now from Samsung for $200, or from AT&T if you prefer.

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  • BlazeHN

    VR is taking so long to start that I am starting to get tired even before it really liftoff. I have been waiting for the comercial release of the Occulus since like 2 years ago, and following it since the Kickstarter. Wonder if 2015 will be “finally” the year…

  • HomerS66

    The Gear VR is not an empty shell as it uses its own sensors which are much faster than the ones used in smartphones.

  • Elena

    Well, I will still wait for some time to check the reviews about this product before proceeding further. Still little bit doubt about its credibility. I have Galaxy Note 4 from last 1 week and could say the best Note I have ever had till date. I recently bought a wireless charger for Galaxy Note 4 to keep the device fully charged in order to explore more apps and features without worried about the battery status.