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Samsung launches Milk VR to bring more content to the Gear VR

Samsung Gear VR

In the beginning of December, Samsung officially listed the Gear VR for sale, allowing owners of the Note 4 to strap the phone to their face and enjoy some exciting virtual reality entertainment.

Since launch, though, the questions surrounding content — the important part that makes the hardware worthwhile at all — has been a constant reminder that the device is still brand new. The company behind the smartphone-combined-to-make-a-virtual-reality-headset has decided to do something to help the content race for the product, though, and have officially launched what they’re calling “Milk VR.”

Milk VR combines the brand names of Samsung’s streaming video and music services with that of the Gear VR, letting everyone know in no uncertain terms that this is all about content for the virtual reality accessory. Of course, the main difference with Milk VR is the content itself, with this service geared towards providing 360-degree immersive content rather than just a boring old standard movie.

Milk VR is all about the content, which will span a variety of different genres and segments, including “action” and “lifestyle” as well as sports and music. What’s more, all of this content will actually be updated from right within the Milk VR app rather than on an individual basis, which should make keeping all of the content up-to-date pretty easy for the user.

As far as content goes right now, Samsung is launching the Milk VR app as a “technical preview,” which means there’s not much content to go around just yet. Of course, the Gear VR itself is still listed as an “Innovator Edition,” which means it’s not quite ready for prime time yet, either. The app will be available to download for any owner of the Gear VR in its technical preview state, and Samsung says that content will be rolling out in a consistent basis leading up to an official public launch of the app at some point down the road.

Source: CNET

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  • BlazeHN

    And here I am, using my Google Cardboard with Dive and similar VR apps wishing to get more real and quality content. Note 4 + Gear VR is overkill price, wish this could be used on my Note 3.