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Sprint Cut Your Bill in Half Event aims to get AT&T, Verizon customers to switch


If you’re an AT&T or Verizon customer, then Sprint and CEO Marcelo Claure have an offer that they’d like to make to you.

The Sprint Cut Your Bill in Half Event aims to convince AT&T and Verizon customers to switch to Sprint by offering to cut their bills in half. Starting December 5, you’ll be able to show Sprint your current bill, and a Sprint rep will select a new plan for you that closely matches your old plan. You’ll then trade your old phone in to Sprint and buy a new device at full retail price or through either Sprint Lease or Sprint Easy Pay.

Sprint also says that it’ll waive the activation fee for switchers and pay up to $350 per line to cover their early termination fees.

The Cut Your Bill in Half Event will run for a “limited time,” but Sprint does say that if you take advantage of the deal, your plan will remain the same until you change it yourself.

This promo is only open to AT&T and Verizon customers, so T-Mobile folk need not apply. If you are currently on AT&T and Verizon, this promo could be worth looking into, especially since you get to keep your discounted plan for as long as you’d like. Just make sure to do your research to make sure that Sprint works in the places that you frequent before you actually make the switch.

Are you thinking about taking advantage of Sprint’s Cut Your Bill in Half Event?

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  • Bob Lafleur

    Does this really save any money? If Sprint cuts my Verizon bill in half and then I have to pay the monthly cost for new devices, I’m right back to where I was, plus I’ve got a much lesser quality service. Sorry Sprint, it doesn’t add up.

  • Xavier

    Why would I want to switch to a carrier with horrible coverage and subpar performance? I rather go to T-Mobile for a cheap bill. They need to quit wasting marketing and really put in all their efforts into their network.

  • Bart

    Regarding Xavier’s comment (above): I agree to some extent but here where I live, their service has actually expanded. There is PLENTY more work for them to do, though. There are major dead spots here and everyone in the south of town claims “no service” with Sprint and T-Mobile. (To be fair, even ATT has dead spots in the south of town.) I guess a town of 80,000 isn’t that important to the carriers. They have the highways covered and that seems to be their main focus.

  • Robairto

    Their offer to me should be to cut my bill to 1/4th since sprint only reaches about half of the areas I use as far as coverage.

  • marketc

    Would they cut my sprint bill in half to keep me from switching to att or verizon?