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Square Enix sale on Google Play has many titles 50 percent off


Square Enix is responsible for many, many, many hours of wasted hours spent during my youth and they have slowly brought many of my favorite titles to Android.

This is great for fans of Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger and Dragon Quest, but Square Enix has stuck to the high end of Android pricing, with most of their games going for around $16. To be sure they are worth it for the time you will likely sink into them, but it can be tough to swallow at times when we are so accustomed to pricing under $10 these days.

All this to say that Square Enix is running a sale right now that brings many of their most popular titles down 35-50 percent. Here’s the rundown on all the titles that are on sale along with their prices. If you’ve been holding back on some nostalgic RPG action due to high prices, then now is the time to strike.

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