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T-Mobile just launched a family plan with truly unlimited data


If you’re in the market for a better plan for your data-hungry family, T-Mobile has just the thing. The “Un-carrier” has just launched a new family plan that includes unlimited talk, text, and full-speed LTE data. The plan is a great deal, starting at just $100 for two people. From there, it costs $40 to add additional lines, with a maximum of 10 lines per plan. The offer comes in as a much better deal than similar plans from the other carriers. For a good spread of this, check out T-Mobile’s comparison table below.

T-Mobile Unlimited Family Plan

In addition to the new unlimited plan, T-Mobile is reviving its four-person family plan that includes unlimited talk and text as well as 10GB of full-speed data that’s divvied up to give 2.5GB of data to each line. This plan costs $100 and is a great deal for families who don’t use quite as much data as others.

Both plans will be available to new and existing customers beginning tomorrow.

What do you think of these latest offerings from T-Mobile?

Source: T-Mobile

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    empty shop with zero customers – yeah thats t-mumble!

    • Richard Yarrell

      It’s pretty much plain and simple nothing beats T-Mobile they are the carrier game today nothing else matters.

  • Bart

    That was an interesting revelation that AT&T, for a family of four as shown in the chart, was actually 2nd cheapest plan for the given comparison above. Since coverage locally is so poor T-Mobile, I actually end up having the best plan for me. Another curiosity was just how high doing business with Sprint was–marginally better than Verizon. Seeing as Sprint’s coverage also is poor around here, I am shocked they would charge that much for their service.

  • Ian B

    Can 2 friends join and set this account or does tmobile verify both parties are related?

  • ALee101

    Shame their network is so weak outside of cities. I live in an area that falls in as 2G on their coverage map. I ordered a SIM to just test, and 0.06Mbps download was the best I could get. Cricket that has been throttled after busting my 4G/LTE allotment is faster than T-Mobile here. .

  • Obile, Tim

    Truly unlimited data, but with nonexisting coverage EVERYWHERE

  • Josh

    Full speed LTE data=unlimited data?

  • Daheep

    Turns out it’s only good until Jan 2016 & then they slow you back down to 3G unless you pony up another $40 a month + fees again…which is more than I pay for 2 lines now.