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T-Mobile reveals Un-carrier 8.0 as Data Stash, will let you rollover your unused LTE data


Yesterday T-Mobile teased that it had an Un-carrier 8.0 announcement to make. Thankfully, we didn’t have to wait long to find out what that move is, because T-Mo CEO John Legere just revealed the big news in a livestream.

T-Mobile Un-carrier 8.0 is Data Stash, which is basically rollover data. The offering will allow Simple Choice customers to carry unused high-speed data from one month to the next, with data in the stash lasting for one year. T-Mo says that there’s no limited to the amount of megabytes that you can have in your stash.

Data Stash will be available to all post-paid Simple Choice customers with a 3GB or higher smartphone plan or 1GB or higher tablet plan. That includes individuals, families and businesses. The Un-carrier 8.0 move will launch in January 2015, and each qualifying customer will receive 10GB of free LTE data in their stash at launch.

Along with its Data Stash announcement, T-Mobile today gave us an update on its 4G LTE network. That service now covers 260 million Americans, and T-Mo’s Wideband LTE coverage is now live in 121 metropolitan areas. T-Mobile says that it recently rolled its 700MHz spectrum out in Cleveland, Colorado Springs, Minneapolis and Washington D.C., improving in-building coverage in those areas. Finally, T-Mo says that it plans to cover 300 million Americans with LTE in 2015.

Consumers have been clamoring for rollover data for a while now, so it’s exciting to see that such an offering has finally launched. What will be interesting is seeing how AT&T, Sprint and Verizon respond.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Dirty Budha

    Not a bad move, especially with data. It reminds me of back when Cingular allowed you to rollover your minutes.

  • Bart

    @Alex. 2nd paragraph, last sentence: “… there’s no limited to the amount…”
    “Limited” should be “limit”

  • a TMo user

    C-Spire, the regional carrier in the deep South, started this. I figured T-Mobile might try to do it since it fits their “uncarrier” deal and kind of sticks it to AT&T, which has had this with voice minutes for, what, 15 years or more? I did NOT expect it to happen so soon, though!

    Sure, there are catches–for me personally, I can’t roll over the tethering in my unlimited data plan, so if I want the roll-over I have to actually switch to a limited data plan–but overall this is a huge game changer in the mobile data space, IMHO. The other carriers are going to be s***ing bricks!