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The YotaPhone 2 will launch this month for $608

image YotaPhone 2

The original, boxy YotaPhone went on sale at the beginning of December in 2013, and now the company behind the two-screened handset has announced their newest model. The YotaPhone 2 will launch in several different European countries before the end of 2014.

In mid-November, YotaPhone officially confirmed a launch event for the YotaPhone 2 in early December. For those who have been waiting to see just where the YotaPhone 2 will launch and how much it will cost when it does, the wait is finally over. The newest YotaPhone will launch in 20 European countries by the end of 2014 and it will cost 33,000 Rubles. That means it will have a U.S. price tag around $608, or about 495 Euro. After the initial launch in Europe, the YotaPhone 2 will expand to China as well as other areas within the region in early 2015. Beyond that, YotaPhone will launch the device in Canada and Latin America at some undisclosed date.

YotaPhone is also going to launch a brand new retail store for the upcoming handset that will launch in London on Wednesday, December 3.

As far as a U.S.-based launch window, that’s still missing. It would not be all that shocking if the handset never sees an official launch in the United States, but for those who really want to get their hands on it, other options exist.

Via: Android Police

Source: Sputnik News

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  • Gekko

    they’ll sell dozens!!!!!!!!!

  • Eli Gaffke

    Very cool concept. The e-book reader Mantano just updated today with support for the Yota 2 to take advantage of the e-ink back.

  • Bart

    I’ve not seen this phone in action, but one thing I don’t understand about e-ink devices in general is why they flicker so much, especially when changing pages (rewriting the whole screen).