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Tile can now track down your lost things on Android


It would be nice to imagine that we all manage to keep perfect tabs on our staff and never end up wandering around hunting for our keys, purse, wallet, or bag, but for most of us that is just not reality.

There is all too often some kind of distraction and that can be enough for something vital to go missing. Enter Tile to help you find those things in no time flat. Tile is a compact Bluetooth LE device that can be attached to almost anything and then tethered to your phone. When your stuff goes missing you open the Tile app and you find it using a “hot and cold” tracking method on your phone and then trigger an audible alarm on the Tile if you wish.

The app is free, but the Tiles themselves cost $25 each or you can get 4 for $70, 8 for $130 or 12 for $180.

Your phone can be paired with up to 8 Tiles at once, which should hopefully cover pretty much anything you are likely to misplace. As it is dependent on the Bluetooth connection to locate the Tile the operating range is about 100 feet. If you do lose something out of range of Bluetooth then you can check the Tile app to see a map of where your phone was last in contact with your Tile. There is also a feature called “Community Find” that harnesses the power of all the other Tile users to help find your lost item. If anyone running the app passes within range of your Tile when you are searching for it then you will be pinged with the updated location.

Tile isn’t the only competitor in the Bluetooth locator space by any means, we’ve seen two products along these lines from Motorola alone this year. TrackR was another popular crowdfunded locator and there are dozens more on the market now. One feature that Tile lacks compared to some of these competitors is the ability to trigger your phone from the Tile in case you’ve lost your phone nearby. With that said Tile has been widely praised for its reliability overall, which is particularly critical with a device like this that you are relying on when you are paying to save yourself time and hassle.

Have any of you tried a Bluetooth locator yet or picked one up for the holidays?

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Source: Google Play: Tile

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