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Walt Disney World accepts Apple Pay, and in turn Google Wallet, this week

google wallet

We always said that the key to mobile payment adoption was for Apple to debut its own version. Of course, we were right. When Apple debut Apple Pay, more locations suddenly wanted to support NFC payments. One of those places is Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Stores in Disney World will support NFC payments like Apple Pay and Google Wallet starting December 24th, which is when the payment terminals will go live. Not all shops will get this same support immediately, as those with portable payment terminals will have to wait. And Disney Land in California will get this same support sometime in 2015, so those coming out here will have to wait.

It’s great to gradually see NFC payments being embraced, despite many chain stores disabling the systems due to a competitive service. If you’re going to be using mobile payment systems, why not in a place like Disney World?

Via: Phandroid

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  • Steven

    How do you use Google wallet and what retailers take it. You just put your credit card number in the app? Probably just as good to use my new visa with a European style security chip