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G-Project G-DROP Bluetooth speaker review

G-Project G-DROP 1

We’re no strangers to tough speakers. G-Project and many other brands have built speakers that can withstand impacts, drops, and even getting run over by a car. However, something I haven’t gotten the pleasure to test so far is a feature that can save a speaker from the one place I’m afraid to take any technology: the water. The G-Project G-DROP is a rugged little speaker that is waterproof and floats on water to provide entertainment everywhere.


Price: $49.99
Battery life: 6 hours
Connectivity: Bluetooth, 3.5mm aux
Charging port: Micro USB
Speakerphone: Yes
Dimensions: 4.61 x 2.76 x 4.61 inches
Weight: 0.74 pounds
Where to buy: G-Project Gear


The front of the speaker is very interesting; it consists of a round face with four pegs sticking out. These pegs serve as both feet and control surfaces, with each corner housing its own button. There’s volume up and down, play/pause, and a track skip button. The track skip button is extra awesome to have, as you’ll be using this speaker in the water where you can’t bring your phone. The rubber covering the button bents in with a press.

G-Project G-DROP 2

The left side houses the waterproof door that covers the line in jack and the charging port. The door isn’t easy to get open and closed, but that’s probably a good thing because water won’t get in there. On the left top corner, there is a power button, a Bluetooth button, and an EQ button.

G-Project G-DROP 3

On top there is a hook that you can use with a carabiner to clip this speaker onto your backpack or bag, handy for travel.

The best part about the design is its versatility in positioning. When it stands on its feet, it will direct sound out the front. But it’s also designed to lay on its back, spreading sound in all directions. It’s actually pretty useful to have it on its back in many situations. Plus, with the big buttons on the front, it’s very easy to control.

Build quality

G-Project G-DROP 4

This speaker screams G-Project build style. It’s a mostly plastic speaker with rubber over the edges, like the four corners and around the speaker grill. This rubber makes it very easy to grip even when wet and makes for a durable finish, instead of plastic that can scratch or crack. It is a rugged speaker, after all.

The plastic that is exposed is also of a high quality, being very lightweight but strong. G-Project has always used a very nice plastic that doesn’t creak or budge. And the plastic door on the side feels incredibly solid, which is a big plus for something that will be used a lot.

But the biggest draw of this speaker is its waterproof nature. This speaker is IPX7-certified, so it can last for 30 minutes under a meter of water and still play. But considering that it was designed to float, you won’t have to worry about it drowning. A drowning waterproof speaker would suck, wouldn’t it?

This little speaker takes water just as well as it should, playing through drips, splashes, and water pouring all over it. Even water going straight through the grill doesn’t faze it, though the sound obviously changes it. A quick shake dislodges water and brings the audio quality back up. And since it’s designed to be on its back, having it float in a pool is an awesome feature.

It can also withstand dust and sand, which is a big plus. This means you can take it pretty much everywhere. With an operating temp of -24 to 122 degrees, it’ll survive even heavy use. Unfortunately, the rubber does make it hard to keep looking great.

Audio quality

For $50 and full waterproofing, you generally don’t expect great audio quality. Outdoor speakers in general tend to trade audio quality for volume. But in classic G-Project fashion, this speaker puts out surprisingly fantastic sound. It gets really loud, enough to fill a room, but stays completely clear until you get to the highest volume. And even then, distortion is minimal.

Since this speaker is made for the outdoors, it gets pretty dang loud. This does come at the cost of a bit of distortion, but the audio stays surprisingly clear even then. And the speaker produces very surprising amount of lows with strong-hitting bass. It won’t shake the surface it’s on, but the lows are deep and pleasant.

For the price, I’m very surprised. It’s a fantastic-sounding speaker.

Battery life

The battery life is rated at 6 hours, which is pretty average for a Bluetooth speaker these days. Thankfully, G-Project speakers tend to overshoot their estimates every single time. The G-DROP gave me fantastic battery life given the estimate, so I was very impressed.

However, I’ve been a bit spoiled by speakers lasting 10 hours these days. Most speakers last 10 hours or more, which is awfully useful for someone who uses Bluetooth speakers often. I do understand that weight and price were a big consideration though, so the current battery life is still very good.

Other features

The G-DROP has a speakerphone feature, like many modern Bluetooth speakers. Calls are automatically routed through the speaker, and you’ll have to speak through the built in mic. Calls sound great coming in, but the audio going in isn’t very good at all. The mic is apparently not of a very high quality, as people had trouble understanding me unless I spoke up. It might be due to the waterproof aspect.

G-Project G-DROP9.5 / 10

G-Project G-DROP 5

The G-Project G-DROP is a fantastic value. Not only do you get a fully waterproof and submersible speaker, but it’s tough in general. And it sounds fantastic given the low price tag. For $50, it simply can’t be beat. I haven’t had the pleasure of using a better $50 speaker than this.

I do wish the battery life was a little better, and the built in mic can stand to be a lot better, but it’s still an amazing speaker. Definitely check it out when you have a chance!

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